Yellowstone Season 5 cast update includes brand new stars and promotions for returning actors, with definitely more flashbacks to come

yellowstone Season 5 is undeniably one of the most anticipated TV “events” of 2022, having easily become one of the most watched shows across multiple platforms with the release of Season 4 the year before. While we know the new episodes are currently being filmed in Montana, not much has been said about what fans can expect other than Kelly Reilly He points out that Beth Dutton is a seemingly content person when the premiere begins. Now, however, Paramount Network has a lot more to offer fans with a major cast update for Season 5, including returning guest stars, a few returning actors getting long-overdue promotions, as well as some brand new faces joining the cast yellowstone Universe.

When The Season 5 renewal first went publicParamount Network revealed almost everyone is in The main cast would return as series regulars, including Jefferson White as Jimmy and Kathryn Kelly as Jimmy’s now-wife Emily. Only a few names were missing from the list, with Piper Perabo later hints that her character Summer will be back, and one of those stars will now officially return. So let’s dive into all the new updates.

Actors return for Yellowstone Season 5

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