xQc shares his thoughts on Greek’s response to his Twitch ban

GreekGodX Twitch Ban: GreekGodX has been making headlines lately for all the wrong reasons. Shortly after receiving a Twitch ban due to a bizarre…

GreekGodX Twitch Ban: GreekGodX has been making headlines lately for all the wrong reasons. Shortly after receiving a Twitch ban for a bizarre sexist rant on the live stream, the streamer was handed the ban hammer again after allegedly mocking an Asian language in an IRL stream. The streamer was banned for two weeks and took to social media to share his frustration. However, this prompted a reaction from former Overwatch pro xQc. Follow InsideSport.IN for more streamer and entertainment updates.

greekgodx twitch ban xqc
xQc shared his thoughts on GreekGodX’s twitch ban (Image via xQc/Twitter)

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xQc berated Greek for expressing dissatisfaction with his Twitch ban, and even earned recognition from fans for his attitude.

GreekGodX expresses dissatisfaction with Twitch ban after alleged racist comments

Earlier this month, GreekGodX was yelled at by multiple fans and streamers for posting racially motivated content that appeared to make fun of an Asian language. After the review, Twitch issued the streamer with a two-week ban, prompting another rant on Twitter from the Greek. The streamer insisted that he was not racist in the clip and that he would not be racist towards an Asian family as he was raised in one.

After the verdict was announced, GreekGodX tweeted again that it had been banned for two weeks. However, he also stated that the next time he heard another streamer with a British accent on stream, he would flag the content as racist.

This sparked reactions from many fans and other streamers who mocked the streamer for his displeasure. However, xQc had a different take and decided to call the streamer out of his displeasure.

xQc shares his thoughts on GreekGodX’s twitch ban

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is known for his honest opinions on various topics on the internet. Of course, when the popular streamer shared his thoughts on GreekGodX’s twitch ban, the fans fully supported his words.

In a reply to GreekGodX’s post, xQc said it was unfair to compare its mockery of Asian languages ​​to streamers who speak with a British accent. He drew a parallel with the C-arm and N-arm, where the degree of offense mattered.

xQc further explained his point when a Greek fan tried to defend the streamer, saying he’s been making his Asian impression for years, so it’s strange that Twitch has only now banned him for it. xQc took the opportunity to explain the idea of ​​growth to this fan and didn’t mince words.

This isn’t the first time GreekGodX has had a falling out with other streamers in the recent past. Myth and GreekGodX exchanged some harsh words last week when the former took Greek to task for his attitude towards women on OnlyFans. This also prompted a response from Greek, who said Mythos “fell off” after his Fortnite days.

So far, GreekGodX hasn’t replied to xQc, so fans will have to wait for his reply if there is one.

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