With the sale of Sunset Lands bringing big renewal news to Netflix, One Star won’t be returning for Season 6

Netflix Sell ​​sunset, a reality series about the personal and professional lives of top LA real estate agents, has become a somewhat surprising hit with viewers, with the last five seasons all ranked in the top 10 upon release. And the Real housewives Franchise should pay attention because this streaming empire is constantly growing with it sell tampa Premiere in December 2021 and Sell ​​the OC is coming in August 2022. The Mothership series has now received some major renewal news from the streaming platform, but that good news comes with the update that a star isn’t returning for Season 6.

Netflix confirms Sunset has been extended for two more seasons

In a rare pop culture moment, the rumors were true. Last January, months before Season 5 was even released, there were a lot of rumors circulating online claiming this Sell ​​sunset already earned the green light for two more seasons. Lead actress Heather Rae Young (now Mrs. Tarek El Moussa) apparently celebrated back then by posting a slew of cute throwback pictures of the cast. Well, Netflix has finally confirmed the speculation: Season 6 and Season 7 are underway, with filming set to begin later this summer for the sixth episode.

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