Will it be the most diverse California legislature ever?

Christy Holstege attends Election Night at the Zoso Hotel in Palm Springs, California on November 8, 2022.

Ahead of Election Day, advocacy groups were predicting — or at least hoping — that California voters would elect record numbers of women and LGBTQ people to the Legislative Assembly.

Based on the results so far, it looks like history will be written — and the state Assembly and Senate will look more like California than ever.

With eight openly LGBTQ winning candidates, including four potential new lawmakers, plus four survivors, the legislature is on track to have at least 10% LGBTQ representation for the first time ever, according to Equality California. If that happens, California would be the first state to get proportional LGBTQ+ representation in its legislature — and the number could reach 14 of 120 lawmakers.

And the number of women legislators is heading towards at least 43, a record, and up to 52, according to Close the Gap California. In the last session, women made up 39 of the 120 lawmakers, down from a recent low of 26 seats in 2017.

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