Why Twitch streamer Sykkuno covers his mouth when laughing

Sykkuno is a popular gaming streamer who rose to fame during the pandemic, but why does he have the habit of covering his mouth when he laughs?

Here’s why the popular Twitch streamer Sykkuno covers his mouth when he laughs. Twitch has been around since 2011 and in the ten years since its launch, the site has established itself as the world’s leading live streaming platform. According to a report by Streamlabs, its popularity skyrocketed in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, with viewership surging from 11 billion hours in 2019 to 18.41 billion hours in 2020.

Certain twitch gaming streamers’ popularity also exploded during the pandemic, and so has Sykkuno. The former software developer started streaming regularly in 2019 after encouragement from friend and fellow streamer LilyPichu, but he really blew up when he started uploading Between us Contents. In 2021 Sykkuno took part in a Between us-themed charity stream hosted by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon while he played the game with Fallon’s house band The Roots and stranger things Stars Gaten Matarazzo and Noah Schnapp. By 2022, he had amassed over 4 million Twitch followers and was nominated in two categories (Best GTA-RP Streamer and Streamer of the Year) at the inaugural Streamer Awards.


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A big part of Sykkuno’s appeal is his personality. He’s a laid-back character with a healthy, friendly personality who often comes across as quite shy – as evidenced by his humble responses during an interview with CodeMiko, in which he brushed off most of the compliments she threw at him. Several of his followers have commented on how reserved the Twitch streamer’s body language is, noting a habit he adopts that’s present in many of his videos when he finds something funny. So why does Sykkuno cover his mouth when he laughs?

Sykkuno and Valkyries

It’s difficult to come up with a concrete answer to this, but his fanbase has come up with a few possible reasons. According to Redditors like SuggestionAgreeable2 and LocKeyThirteen, several people have made fun of Sykkuno’s smile in the past, which made him feel insecure and led to him developing a habit of covering his mouth when he laughs or grins. Sykkuno has spoken of being bullied when he was younger, the theory goes, but if that’s the case then it’s unfortunate because he has a pretty smile every now and then when he forgets to cover it up.

In 2022, news broke that Sykkuno was moving from Twitch to YouTube Gaming after signing an exclusive (and very lucrative) deal with the site. Here’s hoping the fact that YouTube is willing to shell out a handsome sum to sign him Sykkuno a confidence boost because if anyone deserves it, it’s him.

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