Why the hell are the Cobra Kai guys doing a Duke Nukem movie?

Duke Nukem forever

Duke Nukem forever
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Oh hello, do you hear the? That kind of shrill sound, far away in the distance? somehow lLike a knife desperately laid on wood by creative bankrupts?

That’s right folks: It’It’s the sound of the bottom of the barrel being properly and truly scraped, like THR reports that Legendary Entertainment and Cobra Kai Creator Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg are team up to make a film based on abandonment Duke Nukem, video game icon of the 90’s. The film rights to Duke’s “character” were licensed by the game studio Gearbox Software, which is also responsible for it that Eli Roth directed border areas Movie We don’t feel too happy either.

For the unknown – i.e. everyone who was born after about 1995Duke Nukem was once one of the first names in the then-newborn first-person shooter genre. Created by 3D Realms, the nukem games reached its peak (See what we did there?) with 1996s Duke Nukem 3Da game that did two things exceptionally well: Fast-paced combat reimagined by id Software demise Play with innovative map designs, exciting new weapons and revolutionary multiplayer support; and lots below of bits in which the titular Duke said naughty words, ripped lines from old movies, and threw cash at pixelated strippers in the name of the most desperate of video games masturbators.

Of course, many gaming franchises started out with more retrograde philosophies before updating for more modern tastes; Duke Nukem however, isn’t one of them, something that comes into its own when fully appreciated 3D‘s massively delayed, infamously broken and intentional throwback sequel Duke Nukem forever came out in 2011. The game was so poorly received and so terribly delayed that it killed the character instantly; the duke The brand has been dead for more than a decade at this point and is only kept alive in the memories of the incurably nostalgic.

See you again today, when THR revealed that the Cobra Kai Guys are apparently very excited to make a film centered around gaming’s least relevant hero. (Amazingly, this isn’t the first time plans like this have been featured in a post DNF World; Paramount tried to set up something similar starring John Cena a few years ago.) A quest for a writer-director capable of inheriting Duke’s largely piss-and-fart-based character traits Justice is evidently afoot. Thank god, heroes.

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