Who is xQc? Everything we know about the popular Twitch streamer

xQc has quickly risen through the ranks of Twitch and has become one of the most recognizable names on the platform. The variety show streamer has built a successful career with his entertaining content and is growing his fan base every day on Twitch.

Finding quick success on Twitch is no easy task. Most streamers make their way up the ladder for years, but that wasn’t the case with xQc. The 26-year-old Canadian quickly became known for his wide range of gaming and non-gaming content. In 2021, he was the most watched Twitch streamer with over 274 million hours.

xQc’s streaming career began when he gave up playing Overwatch professionally in 2020 and switched to streaming on Twitch full-time. His suspensions from the Overwatch League led in part to the move, and he’s also been a controversial figure on the streaming platform. Luckily, fans didn’t really watch xQc for its excellent gameplay. In 2022, he has gained 10 million followers on Twitch with his witty personality and ability to connect with viewers.

What games does xQc play?

Often seen on IRL streams with thousands of viewers, xQc has also engaged in various game content. In 2022, xQc is the most popular variety channel.

GTA RPG fans know him for his tantrums, drama and arguments with the server administrators. The Valorant community is watching him for his ridiculous impressions. The Canadian doesn’t stick to one game and caters to a variety of audiences by trying new and trending titles.

Where does xQc come from?

Twitch streamer xQc hails from Canada and was born in Laval, Quebec in 1995. He is 26 years old and is known for playing video games with friends and chatting casually with viewers.

Why was xQc banned on Twitch?

xQc has been banned from Twitch 5 times for various reasons. He was first banned in 2019 for streaming inappropriate material. The second Twitch ban was similar, as in 2020 he intentionally chose not to see nudity on stream. His third ban involved accidentally showing animal pornography, and the fourth ban came for streaming the Tokyo Olympics. The reason for a ban in August 2021 is unknown.

How much does xQc earn?

A massive leak in 2021 revealed the income of many Twitch streamers, and xQc ranked among the top earning streamers. According to the documents leaked in 2021, xQc reportedly earned $8,454,427 from August 2019 to October 2021 from Twitch payouts alone.

According to the leak, the Canadian had a monthly payout of $750,000 as of September 2021, making him the highest-paid streamer on Twitch since September 2019. His annual income adds up to insane numbers without adding up other earnings. It’s worth noting that this number only includes his twitch earnings. The total is likely much higher when you add in revenue from other platforms like YouTube, sponsorships, merch, and viewer donations. His Twitch payout earnings will increase as his channel grows.

Who is xQc’s girlfriend?

xQc is dating his longtime girlfriend, Adeptthebest. The two split in August 2021 but later reunited and announced the decision via Twitter. The 26-year-old is believed to still be dating the fellow Twitch streamer in 2022.

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