What is the Manglik Dosha? Remedies by the famous astrologer Chirag Daruwalla

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Published: Tuesday 21 June 2022 21:02 [IST]

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What is Manglik Dosha or Kuja Dosh?

Every person has a unique birth chart during their birth. In addition to the birth chart, their personality and fortune are also different from another person. Many encounter the Manglik dosha in their horoscope, which is also known under the names Angarak dosha, Kuja dosha and Bhumi dosha. In the Kundali of each person, Mars is in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house, it is called Manglik Dosha.

What is the Manglik Dosha?  Remedies by the famous astrologer Chirag Daruwalla

Do you know Mangal Dosha

Mangal Dosha mainly affects a person’s married life where they face difficulties in choosing the right partner for marriage. The high probability of being separated from their life partner is the effect of Manglik Dosha. Manglik marriage is preferred by such natives to get rid of Manglik dosha as it would cause financial losses in couple’s life. One can eliminate the negative effects of Manglik Dosha by following some remedies. You can visit bejandaruwalla website to remove the effect of Manglik Dosha from your Kundli and get the solution to your problem.

Effects of Manglik Dosha

Mars in the 1st house is strongly associated with a partner and can create antagonistic married life. In most households, husband and wife fight over petty matters, which often leads to riots.
When Mars is in the 2nd house, it causes many problems in the person’s family life. A person’s professional life is unsettling. There may be a tension problem in your family.

Mars in the 4th house brings good results in professional life. Between work you have to change your mind. The result will be good. People can also get into financial difficulties. There may be confusion regarding careers.
If you have Mars in the 7th house of the horoscope, there may be problems with the timing of marriage and the problems will remain after marriage.

When Mars is in the 8th house of the horoscope, there is a chance that the person is in the wrong business, which increases the likelihood of marriage failure.
However, when Mars is ranked 12th, you will have to deal with difficulties such as marital problems, divorce life, lack of physical ability, illness and even discord.

Manglik/Kuja Dosha Effect of Marriage

Mangal dosha is only formed by Mars ie Kuja. Whenever Mars is associated with certain houses or has a negative influence on a person’s magazine, they are influenced by Kuja Dosha. The most negative effect of Kuja Dosha concerns marriage and married life. Discord in married life, disability in marriage, etc. are its effects.

Manglik traits in a person

Manglik people are quite polite by nature and have a strong personality that loves to maintain discipline in their life. With a fiery temper, they are highly focused on their careers and life and always remain committed to their dreams. You are a person with a very positive and powerful charisma who has a very charming personality. Therefore, Manglik people are only able to deal with their partner’s strong personality.

Remedies to Remove Manglik Dosha Effects in Life

• Position of Mars in Kundali

Many famous marriage prediction astrologers say that the position of Mars in a person’s horoscope plays a very crucial role. In the house of Aries, the position of Mars in their horoscope could be replaced. Praying to Aries to replace the strong position opposite Mars by reducing its effects is suggested by various astrologers so you don’t have to deal with it anymore in your life. This will help you enjoy peace and harmony in your life. Aries, present in the 1st house, can deal with Mars issues of marriage, wealth and health, removing the negative effects of Mangal dosha from people’s lives and helping them celebrate good times.

• Worship and offering to God

From a very young age, Manglik people can practice devotion and worship God to eliminate the effect of Mangal dosha, which is recommended by various experienced astrologers. Worshiping gods and goddesses by chanting mantras and offering flowers and getting up on special days is recommended by experienced astrologers. This would help the natives live a peaceful and positive life. Practicing such things daily will lessen the burden of problems in your horoscope and help you live a life free of tension and problems. You can also speak to astrologer Chirag Daruwalla for detailed assistance and assistance in offering prayers and pooja to deities.

• Kumbh Vivah

Kumbh Vivah is mostly recommended to those who wish to marry a person of their choice, someone who does not have Mangal dosha in their horoscope. This affects the non-Manglik person suffering from various problems in their married life. Kumbh Vivah is recommended as the best option for a Manglik person to marry a non-Manglik. In this type of marriage, the Manglik person marries Lord Vishnu’s idol before marrying the non-Manglik person. Marrying in this way will help them reduce the harmful effects of Mangal dosha in their married life and they can start a fresh new married life with happiness and prosperity. They will enjoy a long-lasting bond of companionship with one another in their married life.

• Do puja regularly

Mangal dosha is mainly related to Lord Mangal, behind whom many ancient stories hide. In our Hindu religion, the Mangal Dosha has been followed and believed for a very long time. We all know that there are various temples of Lord Mangal all over India where people worship the Lord and offer puja to him to improve their living conditions. The people suffering from Mangal dosha go to the temples and perform various rituals suggested by experienced astrologers to reduce their misery and tension in life. This helps greatly in improving and uplifting their lives and achieving positive outcomes in various aspects of their lives.

Marriage between two manglik

That two Manglik people marry each other is mostly suggested by many famous astrologers. This will help both of them get rid of the negative effects of Manglik dosha and help them live a blissful married life. They would enjoy marital bliss in each other’s company.

Marrying a Manglik boy or girl results in death?

The person’s family has both partners’ horoscopes checked to learn about their future. If the boy or girl in such a situation is a manglik, then this is considered a negative thing. Also, some people may believe that marrying a Manglik girl or boy will result in death, this is absolutely wrong. Nobody can die by marrying Manglik. Being Manglik means they face hard times and problems in their life. Therefore, being a Manglik or marrying a Manglik is not a bad thing.

What is Anshik Manglik Dosha?

When Mars enters another house from this house, that dosha is called anshik manglik dosha. Because this dosha is not as effective as the Manglik dosha. Its effect is only a fraction compared to Manglik Dosha.


In summary, one can apply many other remedies offered by experienced astrologers or by people who know how to remove the negative effects of mangal dosh from their lives to help them live a good life with the partner of their choice. The above remedies are among the basic and very common ones recommended by most astrologers. If you are suffering from certain problems related to Mangal Dasha, you can have an astrology consultation over the phone with Chirag Daruwala.

Story first published: Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at 9:02 p.m [IST]

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