“We wanted to make his trip even better,” Subway restaurant to surprise MA live streamers with gifts

(WWLP) – A Massachusetts live streamer documenting his walk across the country to raise money for a non-profit organization called Big City Mountaineers is now sponsored by The Subway Cooperation.

Subway reached out to one Sean Clancy after learning he’d made the decision to only eat foods from the chain restaurant during his month-long trip. He made the decision after learning that 49 other people had done the same hike and he wanted to do something different.

“I wanted to be the only person who can put their hands up and say I’m the only person who’s ever done that, so I thought about the challenge of why I’m not doing it while only eating one type of food . And subway was basically the only option. They have more of it available than any other restaurant chain in the US, and its nutritional value alone means I can get up and go every day without passing out or gaining weight,” said Sean Clancy.

Subway announced that they will provide him with equipment such as a custom-made stroller with solar panels attached and a Subway electronic gift card to get as many Subways as he wants.

Clancy currently has a limited amount of gear, which is what he took with him when he began this journey in Boston in May. Most of his gear was carried in a stroller and small backpack.

Clancy says his current stroller has been repaired a number of times. In one incident, a tire popped en route and he had to pack everything onto a buggy and carry it 10 miles. Eventually he found someone who could help him after accidentally entering a service department in Richfield Springs, New York. He met the manager who drove him to a Walmart to buy tubes. The service department then repaired his stroller after he returned it.

The Subway collaboration told 22News why they decided to contribute to Sean’s journey with new gear and an e-card. “When we learned about Sean’s journey across America and his love for Subway sandwiches, we wanted to make his trip even better! Sean can fuel up on craving sandwiches with us so his meal will stop seamlessly as he heads toward the West Coast,” a Subway spokesman said. “3,000 miles is a long way and we know his gear will feel the wear and tear of the road. That’s why we’ll be outfitting Sean with brand new gear halfway through his journey. While we can’t reveal all the surprises, we can tell you that the improved supplies will enhance his walking and eating experience and draw attention to his journey, hoping that when passers-by see him, they’ll be thrilled, themselves to join its mission. ”

Sean’s electronic gift card. Courtesy of Sean Clancy.

“I feel great that they thought what I was doing was cool enough to do.”

Sean Clancy

Towards the end of June, one of the Illinois Subway locations will surprise Clancy with its brand new gear and a celebration.

Until then, Clancy will continue to enjoy free grinders like his favorite Chicken Bacon Ranch Melt with his e-gift card.

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