WB is reportedly “committed” to releasing THE FLASH in theaters; Ezra Miller plans to focus on “healing.”

According to a new report, Warner Bros. is committed to it The Lightning‘s theatrical release. Meanwhile, the film’s star, Ezra Miller, is said to be planning to “focus.” [on healing].”

The Lightning has come a complicated way to the big screen. The film – directed by It Helmer Andy Muscietti – is slated for a June 2023 release (after being delayed from its original November 2022 date), but its release has been questioned in recent months as its lead actor, Ezra Miller, has been the subject of multiple allegations.

Deadline reported in June 2022 that the studio was considering several options The LightningDestiny, which included getting it to theaters as planned (without much publicity) and dropping it on HBO Max (at a sizeable financial loss). The article mentioned that Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zazlav should make a decision soon, and we now have an update.

In a Variety report detailing allegations against Miller, the trade states that Warner Bros. intends to keep him The Lightning in its current version 2023: “[It’s] unclear if [Miller] will continue to appear as the Scarlet Speedster in future projects, but Warner Bros. remains committed to releasing its $200 million budget tentpole The Lightning in cinemas in June 2023.”

This echoes a previous Variety report, which said WB wanted to proceed with the picture’s theatrical run.

Over the past year, online viewers have suggested either putting The Lightning on HBO Max or have a new actor take on the role of the Scarlet Speedster (similar to Kevin Spacey for 2017). All the money in the world and Chris D’Elia for Netflix Army of the Dead). However, these do not appear to be valid options for Warner Bros.

Variety reiterated that Barry Allen’s standalone adventure was very expensive (Deadline put the film’s budget at $200 million), making it impossible to release on HBO Max, cancel its release, or even get another star back in to go into production. The latter is supposedly due to Miller being it “in practically every scene.”

It is worth noting that trading reported this in June 2022 The Lightning was “extraordinarily well received” by test audiences, which could theoretically be an additional motivating factor for Warner Bros. to keep the project on the big screen.

As for the actor, Variety sources said Miller “hopes” to speak out about the allegations against her in the future, but they’re taking time for themselves “Focus on her health and healing in the coming months.”

The actor apparently conceded these allegations in a series of Instagram Stories in early 2022.

Regardless of the film’s ultimate fate, Deadline stated that Ezra Miller is not part of Warner Bros. Plans for the DC Film Universe thereafter The Lightning.

The Lightning is scheduled for release on June 23, 2023.

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