Watch: Disguised Toast reveals a secret work trip to New York in a cryptic conversation with Sykkuno

YouTube gaming star Thomas “Sykkuno” had a Discord voice call with Jeremy “Disguised Toast” during a recent live stream.

The streamer duo had a rather cryptic conversation when the latter confirmed he would be flying to New York the next day with Rachell “Valkyrae”, Yvonne and Miyoung “Kkatamina” for a special project.

The conversation lasted two minutes, with Toast doing his best not to divulge the essence of the trip.

Disguised Toast tries to hide the reason for New York’s secret work trip

During a recent broadcast, Valkyrae, Disguised Toast, Sykkuno, and Miyoung got together to play games. In the final moments of the stream, the two male streamers chatted and Toast explained that he was flying to New York the next day.

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The topic of conversation began when the Las Vegas native asked Toast if he was interested in doing anything more for the stream. The former Hearthstone pro said:

“Well, you know, I did; I have that uh that thing tomorrow you know? I guess we’ll see each other…”

The YouTuber confirmed the trip and speculated that he would see Toast and others after a while. Then he asked about the duration of the trip. Veiled Toast replied:

“Oh, just for about a day.”

Sykkuno was surprised to hear this and said:

“Wait, you’re only going for a day? This is a short journey. So see you in a few days! Yes / Yes.”

He went on to ask if Miyoung also had a “thing” in New York, to which Toast responded by mentioning:

“Yeah, but…yeah, yeah she does, so maybe…when she’s done, maybe you can…”

The GTA 5 RP player added by asking if the other OfflineTV members would be done with their work soon:

“Do you think they will be ready soon? There’s no way I can stream Snipe. They won’t be finished any time soon. So you’re only going on a trip for one day?”

The conversation between the streamers ended and the former Twitch streamer bade farewell by explaining that he was finding something out while his buddies were out of town.

Fans react to the streamers’ cryptic conversation

More than 35 fans commented on the streamer’s conversation, and several viewers called it an awkward encounter. Some fans also claimed that the streamer duo was trolling on purpose.

Fans give their take on the streamers' conversation 1/2 (Image via Shrimpkkuno/YouTube)
Fans give their opinion on Streamer Talk 1/2 (Image via Shrimpkkuno/YouTube)
Fans give their take on the streamers' conversation 2/2 (Image via Shrimpkkuno/YouTube)
Fans cover the streamers 2/2 conversation (Picture via Shrimpkkuno/YouTube)

The reason for the OfflineTV member’s visit to New York has not been officially announced, but some members of the streaming community have speculated that they flew to New York for a voice acting-related project.

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