Watch: Disguised Toast and Shiphtur win Ludwig’s first ever Fall Guys tournament

YouTube gaming star Ludwig hosted a new Fall Guys tournament earlier today and Twitch streamers Jeremy “Disguised Toast” and Danny “Shiphtur” emerged victorious.

The streamers competed in the final Grab the Tail round and had to face off against three other Super Mario Speed ​​Running players, resulting in a 3v2 round.

After an intense back-and-forth between the two unlikely teams, Toast managed to hold on to his tail and eventually won Ludwig’s first-ever Fall Guys tournament.

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Cloaked Toast and Shiphtur dominate and win Ludwig’s Fall Guys tournament

The YouTube gaming sensation hosted its latest tournament earlier today alongside several well-known content creators and streamers including BoxBox, iiTzTimmy, Disguised Toast and Shiphtur.

As the tournament entered its final stages, Toast was shocked to see that he had to face off against three other players along with Shipthur on the Grab the Tail level.

Shiphtur was unaware of the round and Ludwig took the opportunity to explain how it worked:

“Well that’s how this game works, there’s a tail in the entire arena. Whoever ends up with the tail in the last second wins. It doesn’t matter if you hold it for a minute and 25 seconds if someone puts it in the Hand takes last five, you’re the winner if you end up with the tail.”

Toast immediately grabbed the tail of a player named daddyjones518304 and ran across the arena. All three opposing team members began chasing the former Hearthstone pro, and the latter managed to outplay everyone else on multiple occasions.

(timestamp: 03:39:56)

The former Facebook gaming streamer continued to hold the tail without losing it for the entire round. After single-handedly carrying his team to victory, Toast began to celebrate loudly by announcing:

“We are the best, we are the best! We are the best Fall Guys players!”

Ludwig was very impressed after seeing the streamer’s gameplay and congratulated him:

“You are the winners. Congratulations. Holy shit, toast, you ended up being a god.”

The tournament came to an end after the winning streamers celebrated their well-deserved victory.

Fans react to Disguised Toast’s game-winning game

The streamer’s moment was a featured clip on r/LivestreamFail and more than 50 fans shared their thoughts in the comments. Fans praised Shiphtur’s defensive gameplay that allowed Toast to win the round:

Redditors loved the way the tournament ended:

Some viewers weren’t pleased to see how Disguised Toast’s mic was set up:

Both Twitch stars took to their social media addresses later in the day to celebrate their latest accolades and fans continued to cheer for them on their respective profiles.

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