Voice actress and Twitch streamer reveals she hasn’t found all the characters she voiced in The Elder Scrolls

Voice actress and Twitch streamer Roni “thatroni” spoke about her experience as a voice actress as various characters for the famous Bethesda title The Elder Scrolls – Legends.

During a recent stream, fans wanted to know more about her voice acting career and what game characters she has previously voiced. While describing her time at Bethesda as a voice actor, Roni explained that she has voiced many characters but has only landed two so far.

Twitch streamer and voice actor thatroni talks voice acting for The Elder Scrolls

Roni is a well-known actress, writer and editor who has worked on titles such as ” The Last Shepherd, White brick roadand freediving.

Apart from that, she has also been a professional voice actress in the video game industry, working on the famous card game The Elder Scrolls – Legends.

The Twitch streamer hosted a short two-hour show on June 13. Fans wanted to know what roles she played for The Elder Scrolls – Legends (Skyrim). She responded by saying that she voiced multiple characters, but managed to only find two characters in the game:

“Voices in Skyrim! I’ve included a few characters and haven’t found all of them yet. I only found two – Old Farmer and Dark Brotherhood Slayer.”

Timestamp: 01:01:56

She continued by mentioning how her IMDb profile page mentions that she has also voiced in-game characters like Khajiit and Breton that she hasn’t found yet:

“But my IMDb says I made Khajiit and Breton, which I didn’t find Khajiit. I remember recording a lot of Khajiit lines but I can’t find my cards yet. I just have to play it! Understood to play it more!”

Fans present in the Twitch chat suggested that the content creator should play the game on stream to find the missing voice lines themselves. Her answer was:

“See, that’s what I wanted to do. I have the game on my iPad, but every time I try to stream on my iPad and then open the game, it automatically clips into the stream.”

The Twitch streamer took a look at the card game’s PC port and finally brought it to Steam.

Fans are reacting to the Twitch streamer’s claims

thatroni’s clip was a featured post on the streamer-oriented subreddit r/LivestreamFails, and more than 30 fans left their opinions in the conversation thread. Several fans joked by saying that Roni was one of the seven voice actors who lent her voice to more than 700 NPCs in the Elder Scrolls universe.

Redditors began exploring the Twitch content creator’s IMDb page:

Roni started her live streaming career on the purple platform in February 2022 and has mainly streamed in the Just Chatting category. She is a budding Twitch streamer with 47 followers and an average of six viewers per stream.

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