Vogel steals food from the hands of an IRL Twitch streamer

“In Real Life” Twitch streamer AikoiEmil is the latest victim of a winged crook who really just wants a delicious lunch on the go.

IRL Pull out Streamers are an interesting subcategory of streamers on the platform, mainly because there are times when nothing really happens. On the other hand, these streamers can occasionally capture odd events on Twitch, such as a recent incident where a bird spontaneously snatched lunch from a cast member.

A Polish In Real Life twitch streamer with the username AikoiEmil tends to get his views thanks to the fact that most of his IRL streams have some really nice scenery. He’s been sprouting more than a few streams lately where he’s hanging out near a shoreline right by the ocean. While where he’s staying certainly seems like a good spot for a quick lunch, it turns out he’s not the only one who thinks so.


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In the recent clip, AikoiEmil is shown simply sitting on a stone bench and enjoying his lunch by the sea while chatting with his followers on Twitch. Things start to take a turn when a large bird can be seen in the background circling the area, apparently looking for its own lunch. As the streamer is about to take another bite of his delicious-looking sandwich, a bird can be seen swooping down and quickly snatching the food from his hand.

Since this particular incident wasn’t as serious as the time when IRL Twitch streamers had their phones stolen right on stream, those who witnessed the bird incident immediately started posting how funny the incident was. Meanwhile, the streamer appeared dejected that his lunch would be in the bird’s stomach instead of his own.

In fact, compared to some other streamers, the clip was pretty lame. There have been many IRL clips showing that some of the Twitch streamers are getting into pretty dangerous situations. Some of these situations appear to be intentional and other times it was out of their control.

The problems arising from IRL Pull out Streaming has convinced more than a few streamers that this kind of performance isn’t for them. While the odd occurrences that can occur could be a reason why people stay away from these types of streams, popular streamer Emiru once explained that she would never do it because it can be far too easy for followers to find out , where they are and to harass them. With that in mind, it appears that AikoiEmil just got away with being molested by a hungry bird.

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