Valkyrae and Ludwig discuss Leslie’s questionable coordination on the live stream

YouTube star Ludwig is known for his fun chat interactions that go beyond just gaming. One meta-activity he often uses for content is creating various “tier lists”. On these lists, he ranks his fellow streamers according to different skills.

In his latest fight list, Ludwig ranks streamers who would win or lose against him. In that endeavor, he asked another YouTube giant, Valkyrae, to help him gauge what some female streamers would do in a fight against him. Ludwig specifically asked for their opinion on who would do best against him and who would do worst against him in the following list:

  • Leslie “Fuslie” Fu
  • Pokemon
  • Kim “Kkatamina” Miyoung
  • Lily Pichu
  • TinaKitten

Rae immediately berated Leslie for poor motor coordination and raised questions about her driving skills.

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Rae estimates that in a fight, Leslie is the most likely to lose to Ludwig

After Rae joined the stream, Ludwig took the opportunity to ask her which OfflineTV girl would most likely win in a fight against him:

“Alright Rae, actually that’s perfect because I want to know your opinion. Now I’ll line up Leslie, Poki, Miyoung, Lily and who else? Um, and Tina. Which of these five do you think is the best? a fight against me? And who does the worst?”

Valkyrae is sure that Fuslie will be the worst among them:

“I know for a fact that Leslie has the worst coordination of all these women.”

The YouTuber thinks Leslie would somehow injure himself before the fight even started:

“I feel in my heart of hearts that Leslie would kind of beat himself up in the ring. Before I could even fight her.”

The 100 Thieves co-owner added insult to the injury by claiming Leslie shouldn’t be allowed to ride with such poor coordination:

“I’ll be honest. I don’t know how my girl can drive legally.”

When she burst out laughing, Ludwig intervened:

“You have to retest them like you do with 70-year-olds.”

Rae thinks they should change the law to get regular scrutiny from the authorities to ensure dangerous people don’t end up behind the wheel:

“I think we need to have like normal driver’s license retake tests. Above all, yes, yes.”

Ludwig wholeheartedly agrees, then asks Rae who has the best shot:

“I’m with you there. But who has the best chance?”

Valkyrae says Pokimane is the best of the five, and Ludwig agrees, calling her scary. They concluded that most women would use summons like in Elden Ring and get help from either their partners or fans. Only Leslie seems to get the short end of the stick.

Fans are reacting to Rae’s review of OTV Girls

Fans commented on the streamers’ summoning abilities during the fight, citing how some of them were helped by others in the fight against Elden Ring bosses. For example, fans agreed that Michael would come to Lily’s rescue.

Fans react to OTV Girls ranking (Image via Streamer Moments/YouTube)
Fans react to OTV Girls ranking (Image via Streamer Moments/YouTube)
Fans agree Leslie would lose in a fight (Image via Streamer Moments/ YouTube)
Fans agree Leslie would lose in a fight (Image via Streamer Moments/ YouTube)

Some even wrote how they thought the clashes would go if they fought the streamers and also reflected on the outcome if Ludwig had to fight the remaining OTV girls.

It’s safe to say that fans have had a lot of fun with the leaderboard, and as previous instances have confirmed, this list is sure to make waves in the streamer community.

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