Unusual celebrity voiceovers in video games

Video games are no stranger to the world of stars, featuring a variety of actors and stars lending both their voices and likeness to the medium since the 1980s. From Bruce Lee’s self-titled C64 opus to rapper 50 Cent’s third-person shooters, Hollywood’s elite are more than happy to get involved in the ever-evolving world of video games.

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Sometimes these can be a bit more unusual than the typical “game based on an athlete/movie/musician” where the acting talents would be more obvious. Dig a little deeper into the world of video gaming and there are some truly eccentric gems to be found.


10 Jack Black in The Brutal Legend

It focuses on the concept of a group of human headbangers fighting hordes of hellish demons. Brutal Legend is certainly one of the most metal games ever made, with a killer soundtrack to back it up.

Jack Black is perfect as the lead Eddie Riggs (the “world’s greatest roadie”), sure to turn heads after his work School of Rock and appearances as one half of Tenacious D. The cast is supported by a host of heavy metal luminaries including Rob Halford, Lemmy and Ozzy Osbourne.

9 Danny Trejo in Far Cry 6

Beginning in 2004, Ubisoft’s Distant scream Franchise has become very popular in the gaming world, with each installment set in a different location. Far cry 6 Set on the fictional island of Yara, it features a fun little side mission starring none other than Danny Trejo… himself.

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In this portion of the DLC, players will team up with Trejo to help him move to Yara so he can make his “world famous tasty tacos for the hungry”. Cue explosions, gunfights and some hilarious jokes from the man himself.

8th Rik Mayall in Pigs of War

pigs of war was basically 3D worms, but with pigs. With a variety of ridiculously OTT weapons, combustible landscapes, and all those pig puns you never knew you needed, it was an absolute riot to play.

Of course, the game’s ridiculous nature was cemented by the singing talents of the outrageous and much-missed Rik Mayall. A comedic actor famous for portraying a variety of grotesque characters on film and television, he was a perfect fit for the clumsy army of pigs and their goofy banter.

7 Cameron Monaghan in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

That war of stars Universum has no shortage of good actors available, and Jedi: Fallen Order adds Cameron Monaghan to his growing repertoire. Known for his dual roles as Jerome and Jeremiah in the Batman prequel series Gothamhere Monaghan takes on a very different character.

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Monaghan portrays Cal Kestis, a Jedi who escaped the infamous “Order 66,” and gives the Padawan plenty of personality and depth. It’s no wonder Kestis has quickly become a fan favorite, and many are hoping Monaghan will bring the role to live action in the future.

6 Gary Oldman in The Legend of Spyro

The dark knight The series wasn’t the only reboot trilogy to feature award-winning actor Gary Oldman. In the mid to late noughties, Activision revived theirs Spyro the dragon Universe for three new games, with an impressive cast to continue the story.

Oldman portrayed Ignitus, the Warden of Fire and leader of the other Wardens. Oldman’s rich, velvety tones suited Ignitus perfectly, cementing character as a fan favorite. Oldman was joined by Elijah Wood, who provided his voice for Spyro throughout the trilogy.

5 Keeley Hawes in Tomb Raider

Keeley Hawes is an English actress and producer, best known for the then controversial BBC drama Tilt the velvet. She has appeared on a plethora of acclaimed television shows including It’s a sin and Doctor Whoand was the perfect choice for Lara Croft.

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Hawes began her career as Lara in the 2006 reboot Tomb Raider: Legend and continued voiced the adventurer in another five games. Her take on Croft is well spoken, witty, and downright no-nonsense when it comes to dealing with undesirables.

4 Ray Liotta in GTA: Vice City

To Grand Theft Auto IIIRockstar, the silent protagonist of , decided to try something different for the follow-up. Then who better to referee a game than the late Ray Liotta?

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was a bright, lively game with a really gripping story and lots of nods to classic gangster movies. Liotta brought everything to the role of the game’s main character, Tommy Vercetti, infusing him with a witty charm while maintaining his ruthless poignancy. So it’s no wonder that he received several awards for his performance.

3 Phil Collins in GTA: Vice City Stories

Phil Collins has the unusual honor of being the first celebrity to appear in the film Grand Theft Auto Universe as himself. More than just a singing cameo, he even gets a little story of his own (with the rather amusing title “Kill Phil”) GTA: Vice City Stories.

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Collins is supposed to be giving a concert in the city, but his manager owes a lot of money to one of the dangerous local families. Assassination attempts, exploding helicopters and a computerized rendition of Phil Collins’ hit “In The Air Tonight” followed.

2 Stan Lee in Spider-Man

A really good game for its time, the 2000s Spiderman was a comic book adaptation worthy of the franchise. It paved the way for future superhero games, providing players with a solid storyline and a variety of memorable villains to fight.

The game’s narrator was none other than the legendary Stan Lee, who introduced the adventure at the start and kept players abreast of the unfolding drama. What a great seal of approval the Creator has to have Spiderman to chat with you while you’ve climbed the rooftops of New York!

1 Conan O’Brien in Death Stranding

death stranding was an extremely popular game upon its release, selling over five million copies and winning the coveted Game of the Year award in 2019.

death stranding includes a very amusing Easter Egg starring legendary talk show host Conan O’Brien. He has a cameo appearance as himself, in hologram form and with an otter on his head. For real. In fact, much of his two-minute speech consists of Otter puns, which offer a slight relief in an otherwise dark game.

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