TwitchCon 2022 is scheduled to start this weekend in San Diego

The convention for the live streaming video platform Twitch is an opportunity for streamers and content creators to come together and this year it’s taking place again in IRL.

SAN DIEGO – Twitch has quickly become one of the most popular live streaming platforms worldwide, and this weekend TwitchCon is back in real life and in San Diego.

TwitchCon is IRL again

The event brings together the internet’s biggest streamers and content creators for a three-day event at the San Diego Convention Center.

“We’re basically here to meet some of our favorite streamers on the Twitch platform and YouTube, stuff like that,” said Antonio Villareal.

People from all parts of the United States arrived in downtown San Diego on Thursday and picked up their badges ahead of the event. Many said they believe TwitchCon this year will be better than ever.

“Going through the pandemic and being quarantined, just being able to see people. Like I said, the last TwitchCon was in 2019 – that’s what I was here for – so it’s almost three years now and I can just come back and just be able to have a good vibe and a good time with everyone,” said Travis Seguere who attended the event.

“I look forward to meeting friends I’ve met online and known over the years, fellow content creators, as well as supporters,” said Fernando Guillen, content creator at Virux.

TwitchCon: A mix of everything

Twitch was launched in 2011 and gained popularity thanks to video games. Live streaming has become one of the most popular forms of online entertainment. Since its inception, the platform has evolved to include live streams of people cooking, walking through cities, or even playing poker.

Tony Rabi, Content Creator, said that’s what makes TwitchCon so unique.

“It’s a mix of everything if you think about it, you’ve got cooking, music, gaming, IRL (in real life) – it’s a mix of all personalities, all creeds, all genders, just a mix of everything and everyone comes.” together and it’s a great time,” Rabi said.

For those who can’t make it to TwitchCon, there’s plenty to do downtown, including “Rumble in the Harbor,” an AT&T-sponsored water show featuring 120-inch-foot projections over the waterfront.

The water show is free and takes place every 30 minutes on Fridays and Saturdays from 19:30 to 22:00

TwitchCon starts Friday and runs through Sunday.

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