Twitch Streamers Angry After New Changes; Some are threatening to leave the platform

Twitch streamers are quite furious after the company’s decision to drastically change the funds it charges from content creators. Twitch is one of the biggest platforms on the web and that’s largely due to the developers who have been streaming on it for years. Without creative, fun creators, there would be no Twitch. The Amazon-owned platform has rewarded its creators with new features and money through donations, subscriptions, and more over the years. Amazon has even rolled out a feature that allows viewers to connect their Amazon Prime accounts and give a streamer a free subscription each month, giving the streamer pretty much free money.

Well, there’s a big change coming and people are incredibly unhappy about it. Hours after Twitch confirmed it would regulate the type of gambling content on its platform, it burned much of the goodwill that went with that news by announcing something many had feared. Twitch has confirmed that it is reducing its 70/30 split to 50/50 for all streamers, meaning creators will lose around 20% of their previous earnings. Well, the 50/50 model has been around for a while, but for larger streamers that dominated the platform and were growing fast, they got the 70/30 split. Those currently using the 70/30 model can keep that for the first $100,000 earned from subscriptions, but after that it’s split 50/50. These changes will take effect in June 2023. Streamers can offset this by showing more ads, as Twitch has confirmed that its ad share is now 55%. Twitch also noted that the reason for this is the cost of running the platform, allowing the money to be reinvested in more staff and products. Some streamers found the reasoning questionable given that Twitch is already not adding many meaningful new features, has no shortage of moderation issues, and is also powered by giant tech giant Amazon.

Of course, Twitch streamers are pretty pissed about this, and some YouTubers like Jerma are even threatening to leave the platform immediately. While Twitch might have dismissed this a few years ago, the streaming climate has changed. YouTube is a major player in the streaming space and is growing rapidly with developers like Ludwig, TimTheTatman and Valkyrae. YouTube has also become home to DrDisrespect following his Twitch ban, although he doesn’t have an exclusive deal like the streamers mentioned above.

What do you think of Twitch’s decision? Let me know in the comments or reach out to me Twitter @Cade_Onder. Below you can see some reactions to the news.

A late-night press release is usually a bad sign

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Twitch’s reasoning is alarming

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