Twitch streamer xQc turned down $1 million to play mobile games on stream

Popular Pull out Streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel has been known to dabble in gambling during the live stream, and that content has returned to his channel, to the delight of some and the chagrin of others. In response to the ongoing criticism of the aforementioned Twitch gambling streams, xQc pointed to an occasion where it had turned down $1 million to play mobile games on the stream.

During a Twitch livestream on May 19, xQc spoke candidly to his audience, as he often does when the topic of gambling revived. His Twitch viewers aren’t the first to criticize xQc and its return to gambling on Twitch, as fellow streamers Asmongold, Cr1tiKaL, Pokimane and Myth have also voiced their concerns about the popular streamer’s return to gambling. xQc ignored the controversy surrounding his gambling on Twitch, explaining that he had turned down $1 million in the past because he didn’t want to play mobile games.


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Telling his Twitch audience that he loves gaming, xQc confirmed he’s received lucrative offers of up to $1 million from mobile developers to play their games “for a set number of hours.” This suggests that the mobile gaming deals came with terms that xQc was less happy with than its slot sponsorship deal. The popular Twitch streamer turned down these offers mainly because he doesn’t like playing them and doesn’t enjoy them other than gaming, which feels right to him.

According to the 2021 Twitch leaks that revealed how much money many content creators are making, xQc has made over $8 million since 2019 and the revenue keeps coming as it remains one of the most popular live streamers. Regularly hovering at the top of Twitch views and subscriber count, xQc broke its viewership record in the early days of the surveillance 2 PvP Beta. Its gambling streams still bring in over 60,000 viewers, which contributes to xQc’s growing numbers, but it also feeds into its earnings, which are already growing from gambling sponsorships and all profits.

In the past, xQc has told some people to “get a handle on” their own lives before attempting to fix his, and has previously stated that he’s not much of a role model. With so much money to work with slot gambling on Twitch, some xQc fans may find his losses tiny compared to their own gaming experience. While he didn’t mention which mobile games have earned him more than $1 million, popular titles are like Raid: Shadow Legends and Genshin Impact have the significant economic capital to offer Twitch Streamers as popular as xQc.

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