Twitch streamer xQc slams Pokimane amid gambling stream drama

Popular Twitch streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel has criticized Pokimane and other successful live streamers amid the ongoing drama of gambling streams.

Popular Pull out Streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel has criticized Pokimane amid the gambling stream drama that continues to unfold, despite the platform announcing a ban on most forms of this type of content. Just two days away from Twitch confirming that most gambling streams will end, the impact of the crusade continues to cause pronouncements from major live streamers on the platform.

Pokimane is among several Twitch streamers like Asmongold, HasanAbi, and Mizkif who have been vocal about how toxic gambling streams are for the community over the past few months. Gambling content is something xQc has dabbled in with previous streams, something that has become more prevalent with a stake brand deal that has spurred more slots. Although he has always remained active in the gaming community as well, xQc has been a defender of gambling on Twitch and he thinks some live streamers don’t really care and are chasing clout.


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Ahead of Twitch’s announcement of the end of gambling streams, Pokimane started trending with a tweet that was liked by over 318,000 people and may have been heard by higher-ups given the speedy ban news. When a viewer asked during a live stream on September 21 if they thought Pokimane was against gambling streams to have an impact, popular Twitch streamer xQc said “mostly yes” before clarifying that she was on the platform is successful enough to have inside sources to reach out to privately rather than making things public. xQc pointed out that Pokimane could easily call or text someone on Twitch about the gambling content, and suggested that no major streamers would care about those streams until it became public opinion.

Adding to its speculation about Pokimane, XQc observed a close friend of hers making gambling content while speaking out against such livestreams, without mentioning her friend’s name. According to xQc, Pokimane cracked down on two of Twitch’s biggest gambling streamers while actively watching the aforementioned friend bet his own money in front of a live audience. Twitch’s xQc isn’t the only one defending gambling streams from other content creators. Trainwrecks sparked additional conversation when he accused OTK founder Mizkif of covering up sexual assault in his tweets about the situation.

Although many viewers watched xQc’s clip calling out Pokimane to express their doubt or agreement with the former over watch Per, others have been keeping up with the latest Twitch community trends to see what potential drama could be up next. While he could continue his success on Twitch, some fans also pointed out that xQc will lose money with the ban of many types of gambling streams from October 18th.

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