Twitch streamer xQc leaves Elden Ring Twitch Rivals event

Popular Twitch streamer xQc exits a 2v2 Elden Ring Twitch Rivals tournament due to a miscommunication that gives his opponent a free hit.

Between gambling streams and GTA5 RP, popular streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel is known for entering Twitch Rivals tournaments and being big Pull out events. During a recent Twitch Rival elden ring Event ended xQc due to a communication error that left him frustrated and venting his chat.

Disguised Toast and xQc were among the contenders in Twitch Rivals 2v2 on June 1st elden ring Challenge where xQc teams up with Team Liquid’s Mendo to defeat others elden ring veterans. Things took a wrong turn when xQc mistakenly used an item to boost his defense before a fight, leading to some debates that resulted in his opponent getting a free kick against xQc. That one hit proves more powerful than xQc expected as his opponent, a Vtuber streaming under the name girl_dm_, quickly finishes him off with the free kick advantage.


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The administrators of Twitch Rivals in 2v2 elden ring The event never specified what would happen after the free attack for girl_dm_, leading twitch streamer xQc to expect he would have time to act on the momentum. After girl_dm_ hits xQc with a heavy and light attack, his tarnished is defeated and he asks for clarification on why girl_dm_ took two hits. According to girl_dm_, they expected xQc to fight back or defend after the initial heavy attack, a misunderstanding that led xQc to ask if the match could be reset so they were level again, but he was denied.

The admin of the Twitch Rivals tournament informed xQc that the health discrepancy between the two competitors was too big and that girl_dm_ would likely win a rematch should the fight reset. While saying several times that he doesn’t care what happened in Twitch Rivals 2v2 elden ring Challenge amidst multiple expletives, xQc declares that he’s done and that they can “take” it, referring to the rest of the competition.

Popular Twitch streamer xQc played over watch has been competitive in the past but has stated that he does not wish to get back into esports. Given his reaction to the Twitch rivals elden ring 2v2 challenge, he is not allowed to return to heavy emphasis events elden ring PvP Although several Twitch Rivals viewers celebrated girl_dm_’s win, many others highlighted issues that have arisen in the past Pull out Events and suggested that the fault lies with the administration and not one of the streamers.

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Source: Twitch (via Dexerto)

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