Twitch streamer wins wild $20,000 Halo 2 challenge

Update 08/04: Twitch streamer Jervalin managed to beat Charlie ‘Cr1tikal’ White’s $20,000 Halo 2 LASO Zero Death Run Challenge.

After several attempts, Jervalin managed to complete the challenge yesterday. That’s all from Halo 2 on Legendary difficulty, with all skulls activated and without dying once. His total time for the victory attempt was just seconds under six and a half hours.

Jervalin is a multiple world record holder in a number of Halo 2 speedrun categories, so he knows the campaign pretty well. His previous legendary immortal record for Halo 2 Classic is 2 hours and 25 minutes, which just goes to show how the increased difficulty of the skulls can affect playtime for even a seasoned player.

Today, 343 Industries Senior Community Manager John Junyszek congratulated Jervalin on his achievement.

Original story: The very term “LASO” sends shivers down the spine of even the most die-hard Halo player. The term refers to completing a Halo campaign on its hardest difficulty – Legendary – with all of the game-changing skulls (LASO stands for Lown All Skills On). If that doesn’t sound tough enough, how about completing the entire LASO run with no fatalities?

This is what content creator Charlie ‘Cr1tikal’ White of the Halo community is challenging. In a YouTube video first spotted by PCGamesN, he offered a $20,000 prize to the first player to complete a Halo 2 Anniversary LASO run with no fatalities. Aside from the seemingly impossible task of a one-off LASO run, Halo 2 is also widely recognized as the most difficult legendary campaign in the franchise. $20,000 doesn’t seem like enough.

Cr1tikal first announced the challenge a few weeks ago, with a $5,000 prize pool. As the days went by with no contestants, he quadrupled the price to try and get some intrepid players up for the challenge. The streamer said he tried the challenge himself and couldn’t get through the first two rooms of the first mission before giving up.

According to Cr1tikal, a run like this was only completed once, but the Envy skull was on, allowing Master Chief to turn invisible. To add even more challenge, Cr1tikal requires players to take out that one specific skull.

Other skull effects dramatically alter gameplay, from increasing enemy aggression to permanently cloaking enemies to eliminating your shield’s ability to charge normally. There is a very good chance that no one will ever complete the Cr1tikal challenge.

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