Twitch streamer Windpress was stunned after receiving a $3,000 donation

Twitch streamer Windpress was stunned after two viewers donated more than $3,000 to him during a recent live stream.

Twitch content creators often receive large sums of money from loyal and philanthropic fans, but it’s usually rare for a budding Twitch streamer to receive such a large donation.

Twitch streamer Windpress receives a $3,000 donation

windpress was shocked to see a “fund war” erupt on his channel while playing Donation War is a term used when multiple viewers start donating to become the biggest donor on the Twitch streamer’s channel. It is similar to bidding in an auction.

Streamer Windpress’ fundraising war began when a fan named yyy_ donated $51. That amount alone surprised the streamer, but soon another fan started donating to him. The amount slowly increased and both viewers eventually donated more than $3,000 to the Twitch content creator, leaving him completely stunned.

A viewer named ElBeanTako donated $2,000 while trying to compete with yyy_. The Twitch streamer couldn’t believe what was happening and his first reaction was:

“What!? Guys I don’t even know what to say dude! What is that man? Two thousand big dude! Guys I’m sweating now. Dude my voice! Dude! ElBean! What is this man?”

The content creator was unable to find the right words to express his feelings and found it difficult to react while playing an intense game on A few seconds later, yyy_ donated another thousand dollars to ElBeanTako, bringing the total to $3,000.

Timestamp: 05:22:53

windpress’ voice began to crack and called loudly:

“Dude! What’s up? He can have this. Boys! Two thousand from ElBean and a thousand from Yyy_. Oh my lord, dude. My neighbors are so mad right now, man. My neighbors are so annoyed. Holy dude!”

Windpress continued to thank both donors as his excitement didn’t seem to stop. The fundraiser war soon ended, and the Twitch content creator continued streaming for another hour.

Twitch chat responds to insane donations

Fans present on the streamer’s Twitch chat were having the time of their lives as almost none of them could believe how the two viewers were trying to outplay each other by donating huge sums of money.

Twitch chat goes wild after two fans donated large sums of money to the streamer (Image via Windpress/Twitch chat)
Twitch chat goes through after two fans donated large sums of money to the streamer (Image via Windpress/Twitch chat)

Windpress is an up-and-coming Twitch content creator that began streaming on the purple platform earlier this year. He’s seen spectacular growth on Twitch, averaging just seven viewers in January, and viewership skyrocketing to 646 viewers in May.

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