Twitch streamer TheDanDangler banned again

TheDanDangler is banned for wearing a bikini during a pool stream, sparking frustrations with Twitch’s poor enforcement of its own policies.

Pull out has changed its community guidelines many times since it first appeared on the web. As a streaming platform, Twitch hosts all types of live content ranging from video games, music, art, and countless other subjects in between, making it something of an internet livestream melting pot.

Following community guidelines is essential to the survival of any channel on the platform, as violating these guidelines usually has escalating consequences. For repeat offenders, penalties tend to be steadily increased as a deterrent to bad behavior. However, in cases like JiDion’s permanent ban from Twitch, sometimes a single excessive infraction is enough to forcibly remove a channel.


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However, some streamers believe that the site tends to handle its own policies poorly and at times in a seemingly arbitrary manner. For example, in the case of Meowko’s suspension from Twitch on her birthday, Twitch banned her from wearing inappropriate clothing while cooking and from using an augmented reality avatar wearing indecent clothing. While this was certainly an odd situation, another situation recently arose where TheDanDangler was banned again for inappropriate clothing after being banned for the same reason in February.

TheDanDangler is a well-known streamer call of Duty content as well as whirlpool streams. Her ban was given to her via one of those whirlpool streams where she wore a bikini and lolled in the water. While Twitch’s policies are pretty strict regarding certain activities and certain attire, due to the environment, whirlpool streams are known for bikini attire and have become a part of Twitch. Much like Corrina Kopf’s twitch ban after a hiatus, it really doesn’t make sense that TheDanDangler would be banned for inappropriate attire considering it’s the normal attire for this type of stream.

Of course, the ban angered TheDanDangler, who took to Twitter to vent her frustration. In her tweets, she revealed the reason for her ban and asked if Twitch tried to kill herself; This reaction was due to the fact that Twitch has been known to issue tons of bans to hot tub streamers for inappropriate clothing, even though bikinis are perfectly normal for pool activities. Additionally, she pointed out that more popular streamers like Amouranth rarely, if ever, get banned for the same reason, despite wearing similar, if not more revealing, attire.

Considering ridiculous reasons for banning in the past like banning Driving me crazy Players on Twitch during the Superbowl, it’s safe to say that the site may need to consider reforming its policies or practices. Until then, Pull out Streamers, especially Whirlpool streamers, can expect more frustrating bans for questionable reasons.

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