Twitch streamer Squeex offers his take on major streamers complaining about Reddit hate threads

During a recent livestream, Twitch streamer and Super Mario 64 speedrunner Squeex shared his thoughts and opinions on high-profile streaming personalities.

He spent minutes ranting about streamers complaining about hate threads going viral on social media platforms and specifically on the streamer-oriented subreddit r/LivestreamFail.

Squeex explained that if Twitch streamers expect undeserved positive reception from their viewers, they should also be prepared to receive undeserved hate from them. While speaking on the subject, the speedrunner compared positive reactions to negative reactions and said:

“You cannot accept one without the other.”

Twitch streamer talks about content creators on the platform responding to hate threads on social media platforms

Squeex hosted his fast-paced live stream earlier today and in the opening moments of his broadcast, the streamer mentioned that he’d come across a post on Twitter that really upset him.

A Twitter talk thread was created by a relatively popular streamer who appeared to be complaining about toxicity and the struggles being a content creator on Twitch goes through.

The tweet was the catalyst for the conversation the streamer initiated with his fans. While at it, Squeex mentioned:

“As if there seemed to have been some hate comments about her. I thought I wanted to answer, but I don’t like fights.”

He continued and said:

“It was like how surprised you are that your audience has the same inclination towards you, just not shut up and say everything. People stream for literally six hours and are shocked when people respond. isn’t that the whole point?”

He added:

“Like how does that shock you? And then the streamer too is so into accepting undeserved positivity, but when the second thing is undeserved hate, they’re like, ‘Whoa! Holy shit!'”

Timestamp: 00:24:48

The Twitch streamer then explained that content creators on the live streaming platform cannot accept positivity without hate. His attitude continued when he mentioned:

“It’s like no no, you can’t accept one without the other. If you’re that willing to accept the positivity and all that’s unfounded, you need to draw a fucking line. Why are you so picky about other feedback?”

His rant for minutes ended when he said:

“It (the tweet) really pissed me off. It made me so damn mad!

The Twitch streamer returned to his speedrunning routine and continued streaming for six more hours.

Fans are reacting to the opinion of Twitch streamer Squeex

The reaction thread on r/LivestreamFail attracted a dozen replies, and fans gave their views on the streamer. Some fans tried to explain the life cycle of a streamer on LSF.

Fans react to streamer's take 1/2 (Images via Reddit/r/LivestreamFail)
Fans react to streamer’s take 1/2 (Images via Reddit/r/LivestreamFail)

A thread of conversation arose around some of the banned streamers on the subreddit as fans talked about Blaire “QTCinderella.”

Fans react to streamer's take 1/2 (Images via Reddit/r/LivestreamFail)
Fans react to streamer’s take 1/2 (Images via Reddit/r/LivestreamFail)

Some Redditors questioned if Squeex ever got hate threads.

Some fans applauded the streamer’s cessation.

Squeex is a partner of Twitch streamer who started streaming on the platform back in 2018. His viewership started exploding in February 2022 and he currently has 11,000 followers, averaging around 375 viewers per stream.

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