Twitch streamer rages at viewers after PC hangs due to tons of free subscriptions

Jack, Twitch streamer and Grand Theft Auto 5 role player, found himself in a weird but hilarious situation when several fans started gifting him Twitch subscriptions. This caused his PC to lag and get stuck on the stream.

A series of events led to the twitch streamer being killed by another player in the GTA 5 RPG world.

After his death, Jack began losing it to his fans, asking them to stop gifting him subscriptions so he could play the game without hiccups.

Twitch streamer Jack is lashing out at viewers after his PC was delayed due to a slew of free subscriptions

Jack is a well known GTA 5 role player who recently hosted a live stream on May 12th. The Twitch streamer plays the role of Jack Cortair, who thinks he’s a cookie.

He rode a motorcycle and chased another role player in the game. Some fans started giving away subscriptions to the content creator, resulting in his computer not being able to handle multiple processes at the same time.

This led to a series of stuttering issues that made his game shake. Initially, Jack joked by asking his viewers to stop gifting him subs.

“Stop. Stop! Stop! Holy shit.”

He successfully found the roleplayer he was chasing and dismounted from the bike for a head-on gun fight. During the intense fight, a viewer named i_am_blur gifted him five Twitch subscriptions, resulting in Jack losing the shootout and invariably dying in-game.

Jack’s frustration reached a boiling point and lashed out at his viewers, saying:

“Dude, I f***. No, chat, stop giving me subscriptions! Stop giving me subscriptions. I can’t fucking play. I can’t play the game dude! Stop giving subscriptions, bro!”

Viewers in the chat room were ecstatic after trolling the streamer and causing him to lose the 1v1. Jack begged his audience again:

“Stop giving me subs, dude!

Jack tried to justify his anger by mentioning that there was nothing he could do in the game. Fans continued to gift him subscriptions and Jack later mentioned that he would try to fix the hilarious issue.

Twitch chat responds to Jack losing due to gifted subscriptions

Fans on Twitch chat had the time of their lives trolling the Twitch streamer. Several fans loved how Jack died in-game due to viewers’ shenanigans and asked that more people gift him Twitch subscriptions.

Fans react to the streamer's situation (Image via Jack/Twitch chat)
Fans react to the streamer’s situation (Image via Jack/Twitch chat)

Jack is a well known figure in the GTA 5 RP community having played the game for over 4.7k hours on Twitch. He currently has 132,000 followers and an average viewership of 1.2,000 fans per stream.

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