Twitch streamer Mizkif asked a young fan if he gambled

Earlier today, Twitch star and One True King co-founder Mathew “Mizkif” surprised everyone by asking one of Adin Ross’ young fans to play. Gambling streams are growing in popularity on the Amazon-owned platform, and many popular streamers and content creators like xQc, Trainwreck, and Adin Ross are joining the ranks.

The fact that several influential streamers have picked it up has put it at the center of a heated debate. Similar to other controversial metas on Twitch, including the infamous hot tube streams, gambling also falls into quite a controversial arena when it comes to the platform’s terms of service. Streamers playing live on their channel not only influence their adult audience but also some young viewers who follow their favorite content creator harmlessly.

This is exactly what Mizkif pointed out in his most recent and now-deleted live stream, where he asked an 11-year-old Adin Ross fan if he was playing. The answer was quite unsettling for the streamer himself.

Mizkif was left speechless after an 11-year-old fan claimed he was trying to gamble

As some fans may know, gambling streams have divided the Twitch community into two groups. Those opposed to these gambling streams claim they are illegal and encourage gambling among young viewers, thereby negatively affecting them.

However, those who stream gambling live claim that there is nothing wrong with gambling as long as you are open about it.

Despite these differing viewpoints, Twitch streamer Mizkif is adamantly opposed, and his recent interaction with an 11-year-old Adin Ross fan reinforced that sentiment.

Mizkif’s biggest fear of gambling came to light when he chatted with an 11-year-old Adin Ross fan who claimed that he and his friends tried gambling after seeing their favorite creator livestream.

After a fan claimed to be a huge Adin Ross fan, Mathew couldn’t help but ask him just one question:

“If you like Adin Ross so much and watch him, do you ever play stakes?”

The answer to that question left the streamer speechless. He said:

“Do you know what he said to me? He said yes. And he said all my friends do that too. And he says, “We’ve all tried it before.” And I start telling him, “Dude, you’re never going to win any money.”

At this point, Mizkif was completely stunned, but was pleased to find that the children had already stopped playing. He made some wild guesses and continued:

“The kid says they seem to have tried all the stakes but they don’t really use it. He says, ‘Yes, we’ve all tried Stake before’, but he doesn’t anymore. Thank God. None of them. They’ve all tried, but they don’t. Maybe it’s because Adin was banned?”

Fans react to Mizkif’s impact on gambling

As expected, this particular incident prompted quite a few reactions from viewers. While the majority of Reddit users can be seen concerned about the bad influence it has on young children, a handful of viewers were pretty calm about the whole situation.

Here are some of the most relevant answers.

It must be noted that no one can tell if the child was telling the truth or if it was just something they concocted for attention. However, it is certainly worrying if true.

It goes without saying, but most viewers are influenced by their streamers in one way or another. Considering how popular gambling has become in recent years, popular streamers who lose or win a large amount of money have garnered massive appeal on their channels.

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