Twitch streamer launches Grease Fire during live stream

Just as cooking shows attract large and engaged audiences on network television, cooking streams are an incredibly popular category Pull out. However, unlike more professional productions, the chefs on the streaming platform aren’t necessarily experts with the necessary training and equipment. This is when potentially dangerous situations can arise, and all in front of a Twitch audience who can’t do much to help.

In the past, some on-screen disasters have been captured on Twitch. Most of these were burglaries, fights, and even earthquakes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. Sometimes the incidents aren’t too serious and can be joked about in hindsight, like when Twitch streamer Woofy caught her hair on fire, presumably due to the presence of hairspray and a lit candle nearby.


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Other fire situations are not always so easy to dismiss. On Wednesday, Kjanecaron, the Twitch content creator, hosted a subathon and decided to stream herself cooking. Things soon got out of hand as their kitchen filled with smoke and the atmosphere in general seemed a bit chaotic. But things soon got worse when the fire alarm went off and the fat in Kjanecaron’s frying pan burst into flames. The YouTube clip of the incident can be viewed here, but be aware there is some offensive language.

Kjanecaron’s immediate response was to place the flaming pan in a sink of water, which only increased the fire. Luckily, she quickly realized her mistake and put the pan back on the stovetop, where it eventually burned out on its own after a minute of panic. Kjanecaron kept calling for help, pointing out that she didn’t have a fire extinguisher. Luckily, the streamer’s house didn’t catch fire and the situation resolved with minimal damage.

While many in the audience and viewers of the clip afterwards joked about the accident and even mocked Kjanecaron, the situation could have quickly turned serious. According to the National Fire Protection Association, cooking accidents are the number one cause of home fires. One of the biggest mistakes panicked people make is trying to put out a grease fire with water, which is extremely dangerous and can cause the flame to explode outwards where it can end up on towels, cupboards and wooden utensils. Of course every household should have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, but otherwise fat fires should be extinguished by smothering them with a pan lid, for example.

Streams continue to cook Pull out or other platforms could attract viewers, it’s not always a good idea if proper safeguards aren’t in place. Many streamers are already distracted by the multitasking involved in reading and responding to chats while simultaneously engaging in the activities they are broadcasting. For some people, it might be a better idea to play a cooking sim instead and skip preparing meals in real life when the cameras are off.

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Source: NFPA

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