Twitch streamer Keffals goes into hiding after second Dox attack

Klara "keffals" Sorrenti faces a green screen.

Popular Twitch streamer Keffals used a green screen to disguise her location in her August 18 video.
screenshot: Keffal / Kotaku

Trans-Canadian Twitch streamer and political commentator Clara “Keffals” Sorrenti recently suffered a second attack in what was shaping up to be one hell of a summer, she revealed in one YouTube video of August 18th.

On 5.8. Sorrenti was the goal a potentially deadly one punch attack This led to police in London, Ontario wrongly arresting her, pointing an assault rifle to her face and repeatedly using her dead name, which she first legally changed a decade ago. After describing the attack in a YouTube video from August 9th, Sorrenti and her fiancé moved into a hotel that should have been safe. But members of the violent transphobic hate speech forum Kiwi Farms continued their pursuit, using an innocuous photo of their cat lying on the bed to compromise their location.

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“The people who harassed me spent hours comparing the sheets to other local hotels until they found a match,” she said in the video. “The morning after, five different pizza companies sent pizzas to my hotel room under my dead name. Obviously the pizzas aren’t the problem – but it’s the threat they’re making that they know where I live and are ready to take action in the real world.”

On August 14, London Police Sorrenti’s Hate Crime Division said they were investigating the pizza “prank” as a criminal harassment. This new development, Sorrenti said, is “part of the same cross-judicial investigation between the London Police Service, Toronto Police Service and Durham Regional Police Service to track down the person who stole my identity and used it to arm the Emergency Response Team of the London Police Service, at best to frighten me and at worst to kill.”

She also revealed that Sergeant Nathan Gibson of the Toronto Police Service called her on July 31 about an attempted punch in Toronto that left an Italian man by the name of C. Sorrenti with an upside down house.

“That [Kiwi Farms] Users had narrowed my address down to one in London, Ontario and one in Toronto, Ontario,” Sorrenti said. “Police dispatched SWAT teams to addresses in both of those cities, including my home, because emails on my behalf were addressed to local politicians threatening mass violence. Since then, I’ve spoken to the older Italian guy who goes by my last name and lives at the address that was trashed in Toronto. He had nothing to do with it and innocent people are being hurt to hurt me. That has to stop.”

London Police Chief Steve Williams personally called Sorrenti to apologize for the cruel, transphobic treatment she received on the 5th to catch the gossip and also the people who provided all the information the gossip needed, to mobilize the London Police Service Emergency Response Team to harm me.

kotaku asked Sorrenti for comment. She didn’t say in her video whether London police were providing her with information, but the Canadian news network did on August 18 Global News received and published the email sent to London Councilors this prompted the clapping on August 5th. The network described the email with “a bunch of red flags,” and it clearly does. In it, the unknown author awkwardly describes plans to “go to City Hall and shoot every cis-gendered person I see with a gun I obtained illegally,” using Sorrenti’s dead name and misspelling her last name as “Sorenti “.

Although Sorrenti says her brother asked London Police in March if her family could be put on a “no-swatting list,” Deputy Police Chief Trish McIntyre said Global News that the show of force by the services at Sorrenti’s apartment was “in this case, with that threat…the appropriate response.”

The London police refused kotaku‘s request for comment beyond emailing a link Chief Williams’ apologetic statement of August 11th and wrote that “as this is currently an open and active criminal investigation, London Police will not be commenting further on the matter.”

But while London Police work to fulfill what Sorrenti Chief Williams’ “[vow] to catch the swatter,” she encourages everyone who watches her video to help stimulate a “national and international discussion” about terrorism that members of the Kiwi Farms forum continue to plan.

“It’s the only way you can help me and honor people like Julie Terryberry, Chloe Sagal and others David Kirk Ginder who took their own lives because of the harassment of this vile website,” Sorrenti said.

The description of Sorrenti’s August 18 video includes links to an extensive press kit, of which is an element a 28-page document by an anonymous author “Educating” the public about the threats posed by kiwifruit farms.

“I can’t stress that enough,” says the anonymous author. “Doxing isn’t the main issue here – it’s an issue, though […] it doesn’t get to the root of what KiwiFarms is, a forum for stalking and harassment.”

Sorrenti’s press kit also includes screenshots of how accurate Kiwi Farms Stalkers are determined the address of her apartment, as found her hotel roomthe bow-heavy death threats they routinely post, orchestrate posts the Toronto swatting that caught an unrelated C. Sorrenti in the crosshairs and an interview that Clara conducted with this other C. Sorrenti.

Describing herself as “in hiding,” Sorrenti has been forced to live in a rotation of AirBnBs, use a virtual private network (VPN) to shield her location, and a green screen around the furniture store since the second incident of potentially fatal harassment. to prevent the matching that led to the second attack. She’ll be resuming regular Twitch streaming soon, using a portable streaming setup to do so safely. She is currently accepting GoFundMe donations to help with legal fees and Patreon Subscriptions to pay their staff.

Towards the end of the latest video, Sorrenti says: “The reaction to what happened to me has been overwhelming. There was a tremendous outpouring of support and news of what happened to me went international. Despite everything I’ve been through, all this support made me feel a lot less alone during one of the most stressful times of my entire life.”

“I just want you all to know that I never intend to back down. I will never go away I will keep fighting. As I said in an interview with Global News [in the aftermath of getting swatted]if you really want to stop me, next time you better manipulate the police into pulling the trigger because I’m not going anywhere.”

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