Twitch streamer Jinny has a hilarious reaction when her water slide goes up instead

Twitch streamers and hilarious failed live streams go hand in hand. Korean streamer Jinny was the latest victim of the epic waterslide incident.

Of course, making live streams fun and entertaining is an essential factor in attracting more audiences and viewers to a streamer. But embarrassing moments and hilarious livestream failures are sometimes even more popular than quality content.

Read on to find out all about the hilarious waterslide incident and fan reactions to the whole situation. Here’s exactly what happened.

“I’m going back up” – Twitch streamer Jinny reacts as her water slide goes up

During her last live stream, Jinny was seen enjoying a water park slide, but things didn’t go well for the streamer as the water slide went upstairs instead. Though it wasn’t anything too serious or scandalous as it might appear from the outside. It was certainly a bit more terrifying than the streamer was expecting.

The slide goes down and then has an arc with an up section. The twitch streamer almost made it to the top of the arch, which then descended again. Obviously there is a water jet, but it’s not heavy enough to support her weight, so she comes backwards down the first half of the arch where a hatch is installed for the safety guards or slide-goers to get her out of there, or just help her out.

Put simply, this part of the waterslide goes slightly up on purpose so that anyone who causes too much friction will end up next to the exit hatchet. While the overall incident was quite hilarious for viewers, it was also extremely terrifying for the streamer.

Getting stuck on such water slides is fairly common, but it can cause great anxiety and other trauma if not handled properly.

Fans react to Jinny falling victim to a hilarious water slide

As expected, the hilarious yet chilling incident sparked some interesting reactions from viewers on Reddit as well as on Twitch. One Reddit user even pointed out the fear of getting stuck on such water slides.

Here are some of the most relevant responses from viewers.

These failed live streams and incidents, while a little embarrassing for viewers, add a dash of entertainment. It goes without saying, but it’s these incidents and hilarious failures that make livestreaming even more fun, entertaining, and enjoyable than usual.

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