Twitch streamer ItsSky put a rap beat on Amber Heard’s attorney and viewers are in love

Twitch streamer ItsSky may have created the best content yet based around the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial thanks to a rap beat. The streamer put a track on Amber Heard’s attorney as she spoke, and it was excellent. The Lawyer unintentionally had an extraordinary flow and fitted the beat perfectly.

Her chat loved it, and so did Reddit, who couldn’t get enough of the track.

After grooving to the beat, ItsSky exclaimed:

“How does that fit?!”

The Twitch streamer put a rap beat over Amber Heard’s attorney, and it’s perfect

(Clip starts at 4:19:47)

During the Twitch streamer’s trial reactions, a viewer suggested Amber Heard’s attorney needed a rap beat behind her. Others in their chat were in tow, suggesting the attorney spits harder than Eminem.

Users asked ItsSky to drop a rap beat behind it, and the streamer complied (Image by ItsSky/Twitch)
Users asked ItsSky to drop a rap beat behind it, and the streamer complied (Image by ItsSky/Twitch)

It seemed like ItsSky agreed. She didn’t respond to the chat, but instead began typing, and moments later a soft rap beat began playing behind the lawyer. The chat ate it up, and some said it sounded like the lawyer would fit the track’s BPM (beats per minute) perfectly.

The Twitch streamer lost his composure and began dancing to the track while Amber Heard’s attorney continued litigating in the background. The streamer continued to listen to the track long after the first clip ended, with her chat absolutely loving the mix of the hip-hop track and the lawyer’s booming voice.

Turns out the Twitch streamer's chat absolutely devoured that spanking with the speaking attorney (Image via Twitch)
Turns out the Twitch streamer’s chat absolutely gobbled that punch with the speaking attorney (Image via Twitch)

While many have responded to the Amber Heard trial of Johnny Depp, few have made such a short but entertaining piece about it. All it took was a little rap.

“This hits crazy”: Reddit praises the Twitch streamer’s clip

Quite a few regulars on the LiveStreamFails subReddit praised this particular clip and talked about how well the music worked with the attorney’s voice and the way she spoke.

Some brought up other classic memes in this style, where someone’s quick speech was followed by a rap track to amazing effect. Among them was the clip “Brexit Rap God” that previously appeared on LiveStreamFails.

Others compared her to Eminem and called her the female Eminem of the multiverse. Quite a few others picked up on this and joked about the whole video.

A Redditor also suggested the beat sounded similar to something Immortal Technique would produce, specifically “Dance with the Devil”.

Thanks to Reddit, people got the answer to the question, “What track was that?” It was “Old School Dark Rap Beat / Cutthroat (Prod. by Syndrome)” and, frankly, it fits the dialogue piece in the study perfectly.

While the process is incredibly serious, one streamer was able to turn it into something comical that her viewers and social media alike greatly appreciated.

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