Twitch streamer Hasan receives a surprise inbox gift

Twitch streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker is quite surprised when he opens a package he pulls from his inbox that stems from the controversy.

Pull out Streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker was more than surprised when he recently opened a package that had been sitting in one of his mailboxes for several months. The man who has long been one of Twitch’s top streamers has surprisingly unwrapped a gift he received that actually ties into one of the platform’s more significant controversies.

Of course, HasanAbi is no stranger to controversy when it comes to Twitch. The streamer has long been one of the most influential voices on the site when it comes to political issues in the United States and around the world. This has resulted in him being quite popular in some circles and quite unpopular in others. His experiences may have given him a unique perspective on the controversy his recently unwrapped gift reminded viewers of.


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When Piker first unwrapped the item and revealed he’d received a gift set from Valkyrae Hofstetter’s controversial RFLCT skincare brand, he seemed momentarily speechless. In fact, even before opening the package, Piker admitted he thought he might know what was inside and was a bit reluctant to see what was inside.

Pulling out the gift box, he joked that it was “officially a collector’s item” because RFLCT no longer existed. HasanAbi also pointed out that he had received the package back in October but had never got around to opening it until now.

The recently unveiled gift certainly contains quite a bit of history related to the Twitch platform and multiple personalities on it. Valkyrae drew quite a bit of criticism from several of her fellow streamers after she became the official spokesperson for RFLCT when it was later revealed the product had made misleading claims. However, HasanAbi has also supported Valkyrae in recent months, saying RLFCT probably misled her just like everyone else.

Piker has received death threats in the not too distant past for his public views on political issues affecting the country and the world. That doesn’t always mean the streamer is likely to defend other personalities caught up in these kinds of issues. Still, in this particular scenario, he seems to think Valkyrae is a bit of a victim, too. While he’s clearly not a fan of the skincare line or what it represents, there’s little doubt that HasanAbi is one of the few Pull out Streamers well placed to talk about the double edged sword that celebrity can be on the platform.

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