Twitch streamer Greekgodx calls out xQc, leading to an argument live on the stream

Twitch star Felix “xQc” had a Discord voice call with Dimitri Greekgodx,” and as the conversation progressed, they both argued live on the stream.

The two Twitch personalities had quite a heated moment when Greek pointed out Felix’s gaming prowess and how the latter hasn’t managed to climb the higher ranks of multiplayer games. xQc justified himself by trying to fight his way through the ranks off-stream.

The former TSM (Team SoloMid) member continued to nudge Felix by revealing that he has a problem playing games with him as the latter is often distracted by his Twitch chat. Greek also said how “terrible” xQc is on some games.

The statement acted as a catalyst for the dispute between the streamers, with both calling each other on numerous occasions.

xQc and Greekgodx have a heated moment on stream

The former Overwatch pro spent five hours streaming and playing while on the phone with Greekgodx. The latter continued to joke about the former’s gameplay, and the situation began to reach a boiling point when Greek made the following comment:

“I have more of a problem playing with you because you’re usually pretty damn bad at video games and you get distracted, talking to chat, reading donations and you’re about… you’re about 70% blocked in chat and streaming. ..”

Felix interrupted him trying to silence Dimitri:

“You’re so damn annoying.

Timestamp: 05:19:01

The British content creator disagreed, saying:

“You’re bloody annoying. You’re annoying as fuck because when I try to play serious you’re like, ‘Yo chat, shut the fuck up chat’ and you start I’m talking to chat like bro, I’m trying to play serious casually here.”

xQc had had enough and scolded Greek:

“Bro you say I’m locked up and you play the wazoo game and you’re such a damn dog. I sleep better than when you go out drunk, man. f**k you talk man?

Dimitri mentioned how defensive the 26-year-old had become after a few seconds of silence:

“That… truth… you can really say if you hit that damn nose right there. If you hit that damn point on the nose, he goes defensive right there because it’s true. holy moly.”

Greek continued to goad the former Dallas Fuel member, pointing out that the latter paid more attention to the fans present in the Twitch chat than to their conversation. The situation returned to normal a few minutes later.

Dimitri also took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Felix’s current streamer ranking:

I am sorry, but @xQc rated me as a B tier streamer and @loltyler1 the face of the twitch. I’ve never seen a more delusional streamer leaderboard.

Fans react to the dispute of the streamers

Fans provided a variety of reactions on the Canadian streamer’s Twitch chat. While some fans laughed at the whole ordeal, others wanted Greekgodx to stop acting weird in conversation. Several fans stated that Greek was simply trolling Felix on demand.

Twitch chat reacts to streamer's conversation (Image via xQc/Twitch chat)
Twitch chat reacts to streamer’s conversation (Image via xQc/Twitch chat)

Both streamers are known to be good friends and the incident can be dismissed as a minor argument between two friends. Felix continued his stream as both streamers started talking about other topics.

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