Twitch streamer CodeMiko shows impressive technology that she uses in her streams

In a recent stream, Twitch streamer and VTuber CodeMiko showed off some of the amazing augmented reality technologies she uses on a regular basis.

In recent years, one of the biggest trends in the streaming world has been the emergence and explosion in popularity of VTubers, streamers on both Pull out and YouTube with a virtual avatar instead of a typical face camera. Many VTubers like Ironmouse have gone on to become some of the most successful developers on their platforms, with Ironmouse becoming the most subscribed streamer on Twitch earlier this year and agencies like Hololive becoming household names in the streaming world. One of the most prominent developers among these talents is CodeMiko.


CodeMiko experienced tremendous popularity in 2021 in the wake of the VTuber boom, with the streamer quickly becoming one of the most popular talents on Twitch. Her success on the streaming platform has seen the creator since expand her content beyond Twitch and YouTube, signing up for the return of popular gaming TV channel G4 last year and being lauded by multiple news outlets for her innovative content. Now, a clip from one of CodeMiko’s recent streams has shown off some of the impressive hardware the streamer uses to bring her character to life.

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The clip from a recent stream shows some of the augmented reality technologies CodeMiko uses when streaming, and demonstrates an AR camera working through a glove-attached device. The impressive AR glove allows Miko to freely move her camera as if she were manipulating a real camera, with the software capturing her full range of motion and facial movements. The streamer also demonstrates various uses for the free camera, showing some uses such as taking photos for Instagram and showcasing the virtual space created for the character.

CodeMiko’s impressive stream setup sits at the high end of a VTuber industry that’s becoming increasingly easier for newcomers to jump into. The VTuber boom of 2020 and the subsequent rise in popularity of talents like Hololive’s Gawr Gura and Ironmouse has led many developers to create software that allows users to easily create VTuber models for their own characters. The massive trend has even led to high profile streamers like Pokimane and LilyPichu trying VTubing after its massive success.

CodeMiko’s success as a VTuber is just part of a streaming industry that has seen a massive surge in virtual avatars in recent years, with many VTubers amassing hundreds of thousands of subscribers. The trend has even led to big companies like Disney and Sega trying to turn their iconic mascots into VTubers, with characters like Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails debuting in those roles. CodeMiko’s impressive lineup serves as the culmination of a fast-growing industry that will continue to evolve as VTubers become more synonymous Pull out and the streaming world as a whole.

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