Twitch streamer CodeMiko says TikToker tried to break into her home and threw “Big Rock” at roommates

Pull out Streamers can sometimes suffer from the double-edged sword of living a public lifestyle. While being visible to everyone can bring a streamer fame and a decent income, it also puts some at risk of being stalked by certain “fans”. Streamers have had some frightening experiences as a result. Russian Twitch streamer Mira, for example, had to deal with a burglary where a stalker spray-painted a creepy message over her door. Now CodeMiko talks about her strange experience with a TikToker trying to gain entry to her home.


CodeMiko is a streamer and VTuber known for her impressive augmented reality persona that she uses in her streams. CodeMiko recently showed off the technology she uses on Twitch, including software that can capture her full range of facial gestures and movements. But even with an expanded personality, CodeMiko can still face some real and dangerous situations, which she recently spoke about on Twitter.

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According to CodeMiko, an unnamed TikToker approached their home and tried to get inside. When they were denied entry, the TikToker in question became violent, resulting in what was described as a “large rock” being thrown at CodeMiko’s roommates, fellow streamers JustaMinx and Wubby. Luckily the stone missed the two and did no physical damage. However, all three streamers are affected, with CodeMiko stating that “the stone throwing really pisses me off”.

Another streamer named neekolul suggested that CodeMiko should provide information about the identity of the TikToker. The response to CodeMiko’s tweet, and the situation as a whole, has been largely one of anger and confusion, as people wonder why a person would attempt to enter a home that is not theirs. CodeMiko said she was baffled by the “claim made by some influencers.” A few TikTokers may not have helped create the best reputation for those using the platform. For example, a recent beach party organized on TikTok quickly turned into chaos, leading to the arrests of 16 people.

So far, the TikToker who tried to break into CodeMiko’s home has not been named, but there have been many calls from fans for the Twitch streamer to at least call the authorities about the situation. There was some update on the situation in the form of another tweet from CodeMiko saying that her roommate JustaMinx was “chasing like a dinosaur” after the TikTokers.

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