Twitch streamer Buddha is having a blast after receiving 300 free subscriptions from Anthony Davis

Popular Grand Theft Auto RRP5 player and Twitch streamer Lucas “Buddha” was having the time of his life after Anthony Davis popped into his Twitch chat and gifted him a slew of subscriptions during a recent live stream.

The Twitch content creator was planning to do a Red Dead Redemption 2 RPG in the second half of his stream, and during the same time Davis made a surprise appearance by gifting him a total of 300 subscriptions in a matter of minutes.

Buddha is having a fanboy moment after Anthony Davis gifted him Twitch subscriptions

The GTA 5 role-playing player hosted an eight-hour broadcast on June 8th and spent most of the time playing his favorite game and interacting with various well-known role-playing players on the NoPixel server.

The streamer had been driving around the fictional city of Los Santos doing quests when he suddenly realized he’d been gifted 50 Twitch Prime subscriptions from someone with a pretty household name.

After a short pause, the Buddha exclaimed happily and said:

“Oh shit! No shot, AD! Holy shit, bruh!

Davis continued to shower the Twitch content creator with 50 more free subscriptions. Buddha thanked the Los Angeles Lakers player by saying:

“Yo thanks for the talent man. Holy shit! What the fuck yo fuck this bro You took an L, I don’t blame it anymore, bro. What the hell!”

Timestamp: 04:35:10

The streamer was elated to see his favorite basketball player pop up on his Twitch channel and couldn’t contain his emotions. Davis had given him 150 subscriptions by this point, and Buddha responded:

“Damn, bruh! Yo, I… I don’t wanna be a fanboy, but I love you bro.”

Lucas completed an in-game quest and noticed that Anthony Davis had gifted him 200 subscriptions. Thanking him for his generous gesture, he added:

“Oh, thanks for the 200 gifts. My goodness! Yo I can’t wait for next season bro.

The player continued his GTA 5 RPG journey and more fans joined Anthony Davis in gifting him Twitch Prime subscriptions.

Fans are reacting to Anthony Davis giving away Twitch subscriptions

More than 30 fans commented on a reaction thread on r/LivestreamFail. Some Redditors confirmed that the streamer has racked up 300 subscriptions and also claimed to be a die-hard Los Angeles Lakers fan.

Several Redditors wanted to know more about Anthony Davis.

Fans took the opportunity to crack some lighthearted jokes about the famous basketball personality.

Davis goes by the Twitch name “antdavis3” and began streaming on the Amazon-owned platform in May 2022. So far he has only played GTA 5 and Call of Duty: Warzone. A few days ago, Anthony Davis interacted with Buddha for the first time and made him his Twitch channel host.

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