Twitch personnel stole bribes from gaming streamer Trainwreckstv

Unfortunately, online gambling and twitch streaming have grown together in recent years. CasinoGrounds, a website run by gambling streamers, has even published its own list of popular streamers by state. This shows how closely the two worlds are today. It has led to a movement to ban a Twitch-based gamer stream and a perceived bribe.

Streamer HasanAbis editor ostonox shared a clip of one such interaction on Twitter. During one broadcast, streamer Tranwreckstv was able to hand over a bitcoin from two Twitch employees: Pepegafish and Rellim. Trainwreckstv even states that the amount a man gives them is $50 and $30 respectively. Many people questioned the importance of this law due to the heat and the ban on gambling streams on Twitch.

I’m surprised @Twitch staff are on Trainwreckstv chat and accepting cash in crypto from him. It must be hard to understand when it comes to regulating the person who just paid almost your entire salary in a bitcoin transaction.

ostonox (@ostonox) September 20, 2022.

Ostonox notes on the #TwitchStopGambling hashtag and following this topic will increase the number of people who need to find out about their problematic available ads and streaming options. The likes of Pokimane, Mizkif, and other big streams have formed groups and called on Twitch to crack down on gambling streams. Streaming journalist Zach Bussey shared an example with Mizkif stating that Mizkif was willing to boycott Twitch pending change.

Pokimane, Mizkif and Devin Nash discuss early plans to issue a joint statement with other top streamers that they will hit them economically over the holiday season if @Twitch doesn’t take action against gambling.

Zach Bussey (@zachbussey) 19.-22. Sep 2022

It is important to note that many gambling streamers have actually left the United States to follow these types of broadcasts. One of the largest online outlets, Stake, is invalid from the US due to gambling license terms. Direct links to gambling sites are not allowed in Twitch chat, but there is no way to get involved. A site like Twitch has so many young and impressionable viewers that it’s easy to see why allowing such gambling streams can cause real problems. A tidbit came up, but young people’s desire to risk their money (or other people’s money) is a problem that Twitch does.

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