Twitch host arrested after two years of harassing a streamer


The streamer was evicted from the platform for harassment (Image: Nalipls/Twitter)

Twitch streamer Nalipls has been harassed by an ex-host of her streams for two years, leading to his arrest.

Nalipls, a World of Warcraft streamer, was evicted from Twitch two years ago after continued harassment from a single person, Evan Baltierra. The harassment campaign was well documented, with Nalipls revealing everything in an Imgur image album and a Twitlonger blog post.

Baltierra began the harassment after meeting at Blizzard’s 2019 convention, Blizzcon. This increased throughout 2020, as Nalipls claims he’s started over-spending, wanting attention and even targeting it off the streaming platform via game-centric chat app Discord.

After threatening to kill himself when confronted with fake accounts being used to comment on Instagram and attempting to visit them, she checked his condition and removed his moderation privileges and severed all ties. He then began to escalate his harassment further.

Baltierra reportedly began photoshopping Nalipls’ face onto nude photos and creating more accounts to harass her and her boyfriend. Nalipls tried to get an injunction, but settled in court due to lack of funds.

This then led to Baltierra divulging her personal details – doxxing – and attempting to send the SWAT team to her home.

Examples of harassment against Nali

Across multiple accounts, Baltierra would harass Nalipls (Image: Nalipls)

The Canadian court brought nine separate charges against Baltierra, but due to the trial process and the fact that he lived in the United States, his arrest in the US was delayed.

Due to the constant harassment, Nalipls was hospitalized with heart problems stemming from her stress and nearly killed her.

The threats against her and her boyfriend continued even as the two resumed World Of Warcraft. Baltierra was there to harass the pair, claiming on Twitter that Nalipls’ friend needed a “coffin,” referring to a “notable event at a convention.”

Evan Baltierra is a former police officer and former US Marine based in Orange County, California. According to the affidavit, he was on “at least one combat mission” and never got past his “probationary period.”

During its harassment campaign, Blizzard saw a need to hire additional security for Nalipls at Blizzcon and viewed Baltierra as a threat. He was also permanently banned from World of Warcraft.

Baltierra’s campaign against Nalipls was so twisted that the FBI got involved and found the photoshopped files on his computers and evidence of all the accounts he had made.

Baltierra, who is currently on bail, could face five years in prison if found guilty, with his trial scheduled to begin June 27.

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