Tom Parker’s Daughter Aurelia’s Father’s Day Card As Kelsey Says ‘Today We Celebrate Him’

While Father’s Day means pub lunches and long walks for many, it holds special meaning for those who have lost their father.

Three months after The Wanted singer Tom Parker’s death, his wife Kelsey is turning the day into a celebration of Tom’s love for their young children – Aurelia, two, and 20-month-old Bodhi.

The family will admire the card Aurelia made for her father in kindergarten and talk about Tom – like every day.

In a seated conversation, Kelsey recounts OK!: “Aurelia’s kindergarten asked me if it’s about making cards and they said, ‘We know she can handle making cards’ and she talks to them about her father, so I’m more than happy she is making a card for her father.’

Kelsey Parker opens up about her daughter Aurelia making a Father's Day card for her late father Tom
Kelsey Parker opens up about her daughter Aurelia making a Father’s Day card for her late father Tom

“I think it will be more difficult for the children in the years to come. This year when they are young and they don’t really understand it, we will make it a celebration for years to come.

“It will be difficult for me, but I don’t think it will be that difficult for the children this year.

“As they get older, they ask more questions about Father’s Day.”

Tom tragically passed away after an 18-month battle with a brain tumor in March, but stayed positive to the end and determined to enjoy every day he had with his children.

Even when he’s gone, his attitude lives on in Kelsey, who is determined to be as positive as possible for her children, to celebrate Tom and his life, and to be thankful for what they have, not what they are have lost.

Kelsey explains, “The thing about Bodhi is that he only got the father who was sick, while Aurelia got the father that was everything – so their bond was like no other.

Kelsey and Tom Parker shared children Bodhi and Aurelia
Kelsey wants to make Father’s Day a celebration

Tom Parker, his wife Kelsey and their children
Kelsey and Tom shared children Aurelia and Bodhi

“Aurelia adores him. And because he was a singer and performed on stage, she was in awe of him. I think she’ll grow up and say, ‘You know my dad was on The Wanted.’

“But then he had this incredible bond with Bodhi, because I think he felt guilt towards Bodhi — this guilt like, ‘I’m sick and you were born.’ So we’ve always kept it as positive as possible.”

Discussing her plans for today, she adds, “We’re going to talk about him and make it pretty happy and maybe not make it a big deal that it’s Father’s Day.

Kelsey Parker and her beloved husband Tom
Kelsey and her beloved husband Tom

“I think for us Father’s Day this year is just going to be about celebrating Tom and talking about Tom and I just want everything to be a celebration for the kids.

“I don’t want it to be a sad day. I want them to celebrate their father. Tom was the most amazing father.

“He loved his kids so much and wanted the best for them, so he went through with his diagnosis to give his kids a better life and to show everyone and his kids what a hero he actually was.”

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