“There used to be a lot of trolls saying ‘gaming isn’t for girls'”

Shagufta ‘Xyaa’ Iqbal was a recent guest on The eSports Hour on Red Bull game on.

Xyaa is a popular streamer who started her gaming journey five years ago when she first created content around the shooter game Overwatch. Since then, her YouTube channel has gained over 272,000 subscribers.

On The eSports Hour, she spoke to host Ocean Sharma about her journey as a female gamer, her experience at Streamer Showdown, her play with her two adorable dogs, and more.

Here are a few interesting things she said on the live stream.

Xyaa at The eSports Hour at Red Bull Game On

“Woh log mera stream mere se zyada Alita ko dekhne aate hai”

Translated: The audience comes to my stream to see Alita more than me

Ocean started the conversation by asking Xyaa about her furry friends. Xyaa revealed that she has two dogs, Ivy (a six-month-old Siberian Husky) and Alita (a three-year-old golden retriever). She said her work as a gamer and streamer allows her to stay at home and take care of the dogs. While Xyaa and Ocean were chatting, Ivy could be seen in the background of the stream playing with her toys, prompting Xyaa to joke about how her audience gets more into watching her dogs than watching them play.

“Online events ka waisa feel hi nahi hai jo LAN events pe aata hai”

Translated: Online events just don’t have the same feel as LAN events

When asked about her experience in the Skyesports Champions Series, Xyaa spoke about how the energy and vibe of LAN events is so much more engaging compared to online tournaments. She said she was excited to be part of a LAN tournament after more than two years. She also spoke about the fun she had playing at the Streamers Showdown.

Xyaa at The eSports Hour at Red Bull Game On

“Mujhe abhi best BR (Battle Royale) Apex Legends hi lag raha hai”

Translated: I have a feeling that Apex Legends is the best battle royale right now

When Ocean asked Xyaa about her attitude towards battle royale games, Xyaa said that she used to play PUBG but then stopped playing. She also quit Apex Legends after Seasons 1 and 2, but recently started enjoying it again.

“Hopefully woh (Apex Legends Mobile) bhi grow kare India mein”

Translated: Hopefully, Apex Legends Mobile will grow in India as well

Xyaa wished Apex Legends Mobile to grow in India. She also stated that she tried the mobile version but had a bit of trouble getting used to the game’s pace. The popular streamer spoke about the importance of quick movement in the game and how she would play more matches in the future.

“You can’t just play one game all day, you burn out very quickly”

On her recent trip to Team Vitality Bootcamp, Xyaa spoke about how she was quite surprised to see a dedicated chef and fitness instructor at the bootcamp. She spoke about the importance of dedicating yourself to other activities instead of playing a game non-stop all day. She is excited to revisit the boot camp and create content around it.

Xyaa at The eSports Hour at Red Bull Game On

“There used to be a lot of trolls jo chat mein aakar bolta tha ki ‘gaming is not for girls'”

Translated: There used to be a lot of trolls who would join the chat just to say “gaming isn’t for girls”.

Xyaa spoke about the recent increase in the number of female gamers. She also explained that she heard a ton of sexist comments but chose to ignore them and move on. As a female streamer, she also encouraged other female gamers to do what they are passionate about and ignore the hate comments. She said that as more female players joined the community, the number of trolls would automatically decrease.

“Main aise bait ke sochti hu, ‘bhai kya din the woh’”

Translated: Sometimes I just sit back and think, ‘Wow, those were the times’

When Ocean asked her to share her favorite YouTube memories, Xyaa mentioned two specific memories. The first was about how she set out to secure the Platinum Trophy in Elden Ring and how she achieved it in a stream. She recalled her community watching her play for over seven hours until 5am.

The second memory she spoke of was when she was ambushed by MortaL when she was close to 100,000 with a few YouTube subscribers. Xyaa laughed about how her stream suddenly crashed because MortaL asked his viewers to hop on Xyaa’s stream and help her reach 100,000 subscribers; Your live viewers instantly jump from 300 to over 15,000 causing the crash.

Ocean also asked Xyaa four fun questions.

  • Ocean: Four things Xyaa loves to eat

  • Xyaa: Biryani, chicken, ice cream and omelets!

  • Ocean: Four places Xyaa wants to roam in the world

  • Xyaa: I’ve never really paid attention to travel, so I don’t have any particular places I’d like to visit

  • Ocean: Four games Xyaa would never get bored of

  • Xyaa: Apex Legends, Dark Souls, Elden Ring and CS:GO

  • Ocean: Four things Xyaa likes to do outside of gaming

  • Xyaa: Playing with my dogs, watching crime documentaries, watching other streamers and drinking chai.

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