The re-release of Avatar in theaters brings with it a big surprise

The spectacular film Avatar returns to theaters ahead of the premiere of its sequel to refresh our memories. It is worth visiting again for many reasons.

It is the only one that has withstood the earthquake of the superhero movies. avatar It remains the highest-grossing film in history, narrowly beating Avengers: Endgame. But now you will reaffirm your position again Avatar revival in cinemas. And it’s worth seeing, because the masterpiece of JamesCameron comes with surprise.

avatar triggered a revolution in cinema in 2009, similar to Star Wars back then. She was the one who brought 3D movies back in theaters and the one that started the 3D TV craze… which later ended in a fiasco.

Avatar is a spectacular film full of special effects, since many of them have a layer of “digital makeup” on the real image shot with actors. The result is a visual spectacle that has not been surpassed to this day.

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Set on a planet called Pandora in the year 2154, the story is about the exploitation of natural resources and the never-ending story of the powerful invader who wants to take the land from the peaceful and tranquil indigenous peoples in order to enrich themselves with their resources. .

A universal theme that everyone can empathize with, supported by an amazing visual spectacle, especially in 3D, and entertaining action sequences. With $2,847 million raised avatar is the most successful film in history. It beats Avengers: Endgame by $50 million, but it’ll outperform it again The revival in the theaters. This is the trailer for the revival:

Avatar returns to theaters however, in some countries this Friday 23 September in Spain it will be released on September 30th. It is the best place to enjoy the film as its great sets and action sequences come to life on the big screen.

Even if you’ve already seen it, it’s worth watching to refresh your memory of the plot and relive the show. But also because it comes with a surprise: at the end of the credits will show several minutes of footage from the sequel Avatar: Sense of Waterwhich hits theaters on December 16th.

The strangest thing of all is that This footage will be different depending on whether you are viewing it in the United States, Spain, or South Korea, for example. There is a different block for each continent.

James Cameron and Disney have placed great bets on the franchise as they plan to release a total of five films that are already in production.

That Avatar re-release in theaters makes more sense than ever as explained JamesCameron, not only because it’s a film made to be seen on giant screens, but also because it’s worth seeing in cinemas at least once in a lifetime. And we will also be ready to connect with its sequel, Avatar: The meaning of life.

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