The Overwatch community mourns the loss of Twitch streamer Joomla

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The Overwatch community mourns the passing of beloved streamer Joomla, and tributes are pouring in from those wishing to remember the positive impact they had on the community. Known for its positive energy and friendly streams, Joomla last went live 12 days ago on May 12th and shortly thereafter deleted its Twitter account, worrying colleagues and fans.

Those fears were confirmed after one of his friends, EeveeA, broke the news on twitter with a screenshot of the first Discord post.

▲ The screenshot from Discord with the sad news of Jooma’s death

“Unfortunately, Joom is no longer with us,” Discord community member Yomgie wrote in a Discord post. “As soon as I have any news or updates I will let everyone know, but for now I think we need to give the matter some time. Let his family and loved ones process this and let us all mourn as a community.”

Outpouring of love for Joomla

This message to the community led to a series of heartfelt messages throughout the day as the Overwatch community gathered to mourn Joomla’s passing.

“We all lost a really great friend today,” former Overwatch player and current Dart Monkeys VALORANT pro eskay wrote on Twitter. “Joom gave me the courage to hit the gym for the first time and gave me the advice I needed to keep going. He was such a nice person and it was a blast playing with him, just rest friend.”

Another community member, Gale Adelade, shared his own positive experience with Joomla.

“Extremely sad to hear what happened to Joomla,” Adelade wrote. “He was actually one of the first players I met at OW in 2016 and even made a duo with me even though I was a nobody and he had a name for himself at the time. Rest in peace dude, don’t forget the memories.”

Joomla was also known for being a voice of reason and balance, Responding to harmful stereotypes about female gamers in a way that shows both intelligence and deep empathy. In an ecosystem where many hide behind misunderstood science, Joomla took the time to delve into claims and explain things in a way that those who disagreed could grow and learn.

Joomla amassed more than 50,000 followers on Twitch, where he regularly streamed top-ranked Overwatch games, and has been one of the top 500 Widowmaker players since the game’s first season. There he was known for frequently interacting with his community via the live streams and was also highly respected by his Discord community where his presence will be missed.

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