The Not-E3 Awards: our favorite game and trailer

Non-E3 is over. Well wait, right? Look closely and you’ll see it bleeds a little into the days and weeks past the weekend, as Capcom is holding a presentation today (opens in new tab) and Ubisoft will probably do something else in July, we think.

Despite the different format of this year’s presentations, the spirit of the matter was the same: we flew out to Los Angeles and played a few games, we watched a ton of trailers, and we emerge from the process with a bunch of trailers feelings. And you, dear reader, are the recipient of these feelings. This is the closest thing we can to an award we give to this year’s Not-E3, G3, “Keigh3” or whatever your portmanteau of choice is.

πŸ‘‘ Not-E3’s best game: Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

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