The most popular streamer in each US state revealed, with some surprising results

Infographic about CasinoGrounds

Have you ever wondered who is the most popular streamer in your part of the world? Ever wondered what Twitch stars your neighbors are looking for at night? Wonder no more as a fun infographic from Casino Grounds has revealed the most searched streamers in each American state.

Some of the names are surprising, others – not so much, with the biggest names on Twitch obviously also being some of the most popular searches. We’ve looked at the results below, trying to see if we can get any clues as to why North Dakota might love a masked Minecraft star, or what’s up with blue-haired Fortnite streamers that Texas just can. not resist.

As it turns out, New York is big on political debates with a slight left slant, such as Hasan Piker is the most searched name in this part of the United States. Since Piker was born and raised in New Jersey, one would expect him to be popular there too, but oddly enough, all residents of this part of the US seek out the contents of chess grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura.

Over on the other shore Kaitlin “Amouranth” Siragusa is the most searched name in Washington, Oregon and Nevada. Right next door in California, another female creator is leading the way. Imane “Pokimane” Anys is California’s favorite streamer, it seems, and actually tops the list of most popular in the US.

The people of Texas love it bigger, as the saying goes, and they also don’t seem as keen on the newer generation, which Tyler “Ninja” Blevins shares as their number one with Iowa and Pennsylvania. Another slightly more seasoned name on the list is Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm, who is the biggest name in Wyoming and Vermont at this point in his career.

In total, Pokimane is the most searched in terms of number of states, with 11 states having them at the top of their Google results, including Alaska, Utah, Florida and Tennessee. Right behind her sits Amouranth at 10, which is twice as many as the second most popular creator, Asmongold. It’s also interesting to note that Poki, Asmongold, and Amouranth all outperform Ninja and Dream, which despite the fact are arguably getting more mainstream attention.

At the other end of the scale, Chess GM Hikaru, New Jersey’s most popular streamer, might surprise those who only know the state from reality TV shows, while Rhode Island’s most wanted streamer, Thomas “TommyInnit” Simons, is also quite unexpected . Ranboo, Charles “MoistCritikal” White, and Hasan Piker are all at the top at some points League of Legends streamer Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp is the most popular search in Louisianawhere people must really love yelling at MOBAs.

It’s fascinating to see two female streamers at the top of the searches list, even if they’re not necessarily the two biggest names on Twitch, although part of that is just because of how Twitch works as a platform. Asmongold is also somewhat surprising given its overall level on Twitch, and Ninja’s brand power remains as strong as it was in its heyday, at least based on this information.

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