The MLB Field of Dreams game deserves to be regularly at-bat on the schedule

DYERSVILLE, Iowa – I got into an elevator at the Hotel Julien in Dubuque, Iowa, and so did Timothy Busfield.

“I’ve been here before?” a friend who was traveling with Busfield asked me.

“Yes, I was here last year,” I said. I turned to Busfield with a wink and asked, “And you? I assume you’ve been here before.”

“Um, once or twice,” he said with a mischievous grin.

Busfield played as close to a villain as field of dreams would allow. As an infidel, he played Mark, Ray Kinsella’s (Kevin Costner) brother-in-law, who believes in a voice telling him to turn part of his corn crop into a baseball field. Busfield once said he built his entire character on one line: “When did all these ballplayers get here?” Knowing that Mark would become a believer, Busfield leaned on the power of doubt, even outright denial.

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