The GTA Online update could bring back the GTA 5 protagonist

While GTA fans are very excited for the arrival of Grand Theft Auto 6, they are well aware that it will be a long time before the game is released.

Right now the GTA community is excited for the next big update to Grand Theft Auto Online.

Rockstar Games is not known to share any information or notices regarding its upcoming updates. As such, fans are unsure what to expect from the next GTA Online update. However, a new clue has been provided by Ned Luke, who is acting as voice actor for the character Michael.

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Recently there have been rumors about Michael, the very popular GTA 5 protagonist making a comeback through a new GTA Online update. Franklin, another popular character, made a similar return to the franchise. Datamines have dropped hints of the arrival of a new NPC in GTA Online, described as a “movie set” closer to Record A Studios.

GTA’s contract mission has previously explained that Michael is currently employed by Solomon Richards and works at the Richards Majestic Productions film studio. With content being discussed regarding a film studio, fans have concluded that Michael could return to the game soon.

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When these kinds of rumors surface, fans on social media reach out to the character’s voice actor hoping to get clarification from them. This time, however, fans didn’t have to put in much effort to get a voice actor response for Michael. Ned Luke, who is quite active on Twitter, retweeted the link to an article on the subject.

Had Luke made a lengthy statement on the matter, it would have sent fans into a state of frenzy. Although he has refrained from speaking much on the subject, his retweet paved the way for several intense discussions in online GTA communities. The fact that he retweeted the link to the article leads one to believe he has read it and believes some if not all of the writing.

Rockstar Games, of course, hasn’t provided any clarification as to whether or not Michael would return to the franchise. While it’s pretty certain that a new GTA Online update is on the way, there’s no clarity as to when it will be released.

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