The greatest Netflix series and movies of all time, ranked (according to Netflix)

Netflix has been notoriously tight-lipped about its viewership for years. But after several years of clearing stats for some of its programs each quarter, Netflix launched a website in mid-November that posted charts of its most popular shows and films over the past week, along with a global ranking Most watched titles of all time.

The charts that are updated every week and sorted by the Total number of hours subscribers spent watching them, represent an unprecedented treasure trove of data on what’s popular on Netflix. The site shows the most popular titles of the last week not only worldwide, but also for more than 90 individual countries. And it’s designed to help subscribers like you better understand the biggest hits from the world’s largest subscription streaming service in hopes of discovering something new to watch.

The company updates its weekly “Top 10 on Netflix” every Tuesday based on hours watched Monday through Sunday of the previous week for both original and licensed titles. The ranking is divided into the top 10 charts for English language films, English language television, non-English language films and non-English language television. In addition to global charts, Netflix offers rankings for more than 90 countries.

The site also hosts a ranking of all-time most-watched titles, detailing shows that had the most viewing hours in the first 28 days of release. It, too, is updated every Tuesday whenever programs made the charts the week before.

Netflix’s most watched TV shows, ranked

The following are Netflix’s most-watched series, based on Netflix’s own reporting of total hours watched in the first 28 days of each title’s release. If a new season releases its episodes in two parts on different dates, Netflix counts the first 28 days of episodes watch time for the first volume, and then counts the first 28 days watch time for the second volume episodes.

All changes in the ranking from the previous week are in bold.

  1. Squid Game (Season 1), a Korean survival thriller – 1.65 billion hours.
  2. Money Heist (Part 5), a Spanish Language Thriller – 792.2 million hours.
  3. Bridgerton (season 2), a historical romance – 656.2 million hours.
  4. Bridgerton (Season 1) – 625.5 million hours.
  5. stranger things (Season 4), a retro sci-fi series – 621.8 million hours.
  6. Money Heist (Part 4) – 619 million hours.
  7. Stranger Things (Season 3), a retro sci-fi series – 582.1 million hours.
  8. Lucifer (Season 5), a fantasy police procedural – 569.5 million hours.
  9. All of Us Are Dead, a Korean zombie thriller set in a high school – 560.8 million hours.
  10. The Witcher (Season 1), a fantasy show – 541 million hours.
  11. Inventing Anna, a limited true crime series about a fake celebrity – 511.9 million hours
  12. 13 Reasons Why (Season 2), a controversial teen drama – 496.1 million hours.
  13. ozark (Season 4), a crime drama series – 491.1 million hours.
  14. The Witcher (Season 2) – 484.3 million hours.

Other top-ranked shows removed from Netflix’s official all-time charts:

  • 13 Reasons Why (Season 1) – 475.6 million hours
  • Maid, a limited series about a young mother fleeing abuse – 469.1 million hours.
  • You (Season 3), a psychological thriller – 467.8 million hours.
  • You (Season 2) – 457.4 million hours.
  • Stranger Things (Season 2) – 427.4 million hours.
  • Money Heist (Part 3) – 426.4 million hours.
  • Sex Education (Season 3), a British teenage dramedy – 419 million hours.
  • Money Heist (Part 5) – 395.1 million hours.
  • Ginny & Georgia (Season 1), a dramedy about a young mother and children – 381 million hours.
  • Café con Aroma de Mujer (Season 1), a Colombian telenovela – 326.9 million hours.
  • Lupine (Part 1), a French robbery series – 316.8 million hours.
  • Elite (Season 3) Spanish Teen Drama – 275.3 million hours.
  • Who Killed Sarah? (Season 1), a Mexican mystery thriller – 266.4 million hours.
  • Elite (Season 4) – 257.1 million hours.
  • The Queen of Flow (Season 2), a Colombian musical telenovela – 230.3 million hours.
  • Lupine (Part 2) – 214.1 million hours.
  • Dark Desire (Season 1), a dramatic Mexican thriller – 213 million hours.

Netflix’s most watched movies, ranked

The following are Netflix’s most-watched movies, based on Netflix’s own reporting of the total hours watched in the first 28 days after each title’s release. Any changes are in bold.

  1. Red Notice, an action film starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds – 364 million hours.
  2. Don’t Look Up, a dark comedy with an all-star cast – 359.8 million hours.
  3. Bird Box, a post-apocalyptic film starring Sandra Bullock – 282 million hours.
  4. The Adam Project, a sci-fi comedy adventure – 233.2 million hours.
  5. Extraction, an action film starring Chris Hemsworth – 231.3 million hours.
  6. The Unforgivable, a drama about a woman rebuilding her life after prison – 214.7 million hours.
  7. The Irishman, a historical mafia epic directed by Martin Scorsese – 214.6 million hours.
  8. The Kissing Booth 2, a teenage rom-com sequel – 209.3 million hours.
  9. 6 Underground, a blast fest in Michael Bay starring Ryan Reynolds – 205.5 million hours.
  10. Spenser Confidential, an action comedy starring Mark Wahlberg – 197.3 million hours.

Former top-ranking films that have slid off the official Netflix charts of all time:

  • Enola Holmes, a historical mystery – 189.9 million hours.
  • Army of the Dead, a heist set in a zombie apocalypse – 187 million hours.
  • The Old Guard, an action thriller starring Charlize Theron – 186 million hours.
  • Murder Mystery, a comedy starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston – 170 million hours.

Netflix seems never to have released a non-English language film that generated enough viewing hours to make an overall most-watched film ranking. But other widely viewed non-English language movies on Netflix included:

  • Blood Red Sky, a German-British action horror film set during a hijacking – 110.5 million hours.
  • The Platform, a Spanish social commentary wrapped in a horror film – 108.1 million hours.
  • Black Crab, a Swedish apocalyptic war thriller starring Noomi Rapace – 94.1 million hours.
  • Through My Window, A Spanish Teen Romance – 92.4 million hours.
  • The takedowna French cop comedy – 78.6 million hours.
  • Below Zero, a Spanish action thriller about a prison van escape – 78.3 million hours.
  • Rogue City, a French action thriller about an unorthodox cop team – 66.6 million hours.
  • The Forgotten Battle, a Dutch WWII film – 60.9 million hours.
  • Restless, a French action thriller – 59.1 million hours.
  • Lost Bullet, it’s like a Fast & Furious movie but in French – 58.3 million hours.

Former top-notch non-English films squeezed out of the top 10 include:

  • Spoiled Brats, a French comedy about rich siblings who are tricked into earning their own living – 56.9 million hours.
  • #Alive, a South Korean on a player’s attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse – 54.6 million hours.
  • Space Sweepers, a South Korean space western with an armed child android – 53.3 million hours
  • The Last Mercenary, a French action film starring Jean-Claude Van Damme – 52.1 million hours.
  • Just Another Christmas, a Brazilian Christmas comedy – 48 million hours.

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