The flavors of Bhel Puri confuse the MasterChef Australia jury! Desi Twitter gets angry

Every Indian has a soft corner for a tangy, tangy and slightly spicy bhel puri. Undoubtedly the staple and favorite snack of every Indian. It’s an easy meal that saves tons of time and satisfies your cravings! But did you know that our street food has become the Masterchef level dish, yes it is, the Australian Masterchef judges loved it and were puzzled by the complex flavours.

The Bhel Puri becomes the talk of Desi Twitterati after Sarah Todd, a Masterchef Australia contestant, made this snack on the show. Yes, she cooked a very common Indian dish and the judges were shocked by the dish that has many flavors.

Sarah, an Indian Australian and celebrity chef, is back in this show’s 16th season to wow the judges with some Indian delicacies. She shared her full story on her Instagram. Sharing photos of her from the show, she shared in the post’s caption how the judges asked her to make the tasty dish in 10 minutes, and the first thing that came to mind was obviously Bhel Puri.

β€œIt is said that a true blue bhel puri must be made just before consumption to prevent the puffed rice from becoming soggy. And we just have to let the taste run its course. Perfect for the MasterChef 10 Minute Challenge, right? Sparkling, sparkling and slightly spicy! #MasterChef #masterchefau #recipes #recipe #sarahtodd”. Second best dish, great score but not great enough to keep me out of round 2! Oh and hugs from my two darlings, darlings!”

While we all knew how easy bhel puri can be to prepare, it was also a complex dish for the judges and the Australians.

After Sarah shared her story, desi internet went over the judge’s reactions and seeing Bhel Puri in Masterchef. Some made fun of the prep time saying on Indian Bail Puri that the vendor would cook it in 1 minute while others said they have a Masterchef level dish for just 20 rupees every night.

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Meanwhile, for the layman, Sarah is a renowned celebrity chef in Australia. She rose to prominence after making the top 10 in MasterChef
Australia Season 6. As a contestant back then, she blew her mind with her little experiments with Indian cuisine. Both an author and an entrepreneur, Todd enjoys a huge following around the world. She has two restaurants in India, one in Goa and one in Mumbai.

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