The best free games on Steam to fill up any long weekend

Stranded survivors with guns gather around a mysterious glowing green tree in ARK: Survival Evolved.

picture: Studio wildcard

Here we are on another happy Friday. To spice up your after-work life while you turn on weekend mode, I’ve put together a dainty little list of five notable totally free games on Steam.

If you’re in the United States, perhaps prepare to become your underwear-on-the-couch self and welcome our nation’s newest three-day weekend. If you don’t know where it came from, let me remind you that starting in 2021, the United States will finally (finally!) recognizes June 19 or June 16, the day in 1865 that federal troops informed enslaved Texans that they were free (two years after they were actually freed), as a national holiday. Our last long weekend is an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy Black culture and history and, as with all long weekends, to take a break from the busy everyday life of sorts.

Even if you’re not in the US this weekend, there’s always time to find out how you can better support your colleagues and yourself. I can help you with the latter – here’s my short list of five fun, totally free games on Steam.

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolvedthe survival game where you can take a stinky poophas dropped its usual price of $29.99 and is now free to download on Steam until June 19th.

The gameplay is really just a fantastic consequence of Naked and scared which you can transfer directly to your computer. You are a stranded character ARKThe website description of specifically states to be “Naked, Freezing, and Starving,” and you must complete all the usual survival tasks to stay alive: finding and killing dinosaurs with a bow and arrow, using your innate stonemasonry skills to carve the bypass housing market and build shelters etc. As for food, you can try your hand at being a foraging vegetarian or become a full cannibal and learn to harvest human flesh. Picky eaters are safe here.

If you want to avoid those extra picky eaters interested in your savory meat, you can currently pick them all up ARK‘s expansion cards also free. Happy hunting.

fishing planet

Maybe goading dinosaurs in the eye isn’t your thing. Maybe you prefer to hook an unsuspecting freshwater fish right in its poor adorable face. To that I say try it fishing planetan always free fishing simulator.

As American truck simulatora game that is not free on Steam (it costs $5), fishing planet is a wonderfully mundane, objectively inferior interpretation of a real thing that people do in their real lives. Unlike real fishing, you can’t fry your prey in a crispy fritto misto or gaze out at a reflective river and finally feel at home, made by nature. Instead, you’ll have to look at your screen and collect XP to catch some wriggling catfish. But isn’t that beautiful in itself?

There are no barriers to entry for fishing planet– You don’t need a boat or buddy – all you need is a PC and a willingness to let a free, repetitive game put you in a meditative state. This weekend is the perfect opportunity to get into it, you’ll have plenty of time to chill with the fish.

crush crush

The free NSFW game crush crush is what you want to come home to after a long day on the road fishing planet Pontoon. It’s an idle dating simulator that lets you pick up hobbies like surfing, skydiving, and any job you have the skills for, like bounty hunters, pro athletes, artists, whatever you think is the hottest thing to slow down Gaining affection from anime girls who initially don’t like you at all.

You have to click on the girls to generate hearts and make them enjoy your company just like in real life. You might not want to think about making money to find people like you when you’re away from the office, but it’s actually reassuringly time-consuming juggling all your work with all your testy girlfriends crush crush. Let’s call the game a bubblegum pink cure for your Sunday creeps.

Pun: Episode 0

Usually the games I play the most on weekends are usually word games Wordl and the New York Times spelling beethat I’m very easily obsessed with. Pun: Episode 0a free demo, takes word puzzles literally and lets you play as a puzzle-solving “I” character in a very concept similar to baby you are.

It’s a bit of a copycat, but still a fun puzzle game, although you might not want to jump to the fullest Pun for $34.99 unless you speak Chinese. This game is entirely in Chinese, but as the Steam reviews will tell you, it can still be enjoyed without having a hint of linguistic diversity in you. If you want, episode 0 could be a good way to explore new linguistic paths as a monolingual baby, or to spend a while immersing yourself in Chinese grammar.

Virtual Cottage

Unfortunately, not everyone gets to enjoy a completely off-weekend, so if you have a few projects to tinker with, Virtual Cottage is the ideal companion. It’s more of a productivity companion than a “game” — it involves setting goals and time frames, and features a cozy, musical cottage with controllable rain sounds and a girl writing on a computer in solidarity. While it’s still running, the timer can’t be paused or stopped unless you exit the game, ie Virtual Cottage is a more engaging, motivating version of the The YouTube stream “lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/studie to” seems to be inspired by him.

That’s all for my list. What are you going to play this weekend?

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