The 10 Best Bryce Dallas Howard Movies ranked by IMDb

In the light of the new Jurassic world With the release of the film and the official end of an era, many fans delved deeper into the careers of some of the cast. Bryce Dallas Howard, known as Claire Dearing in the popular series, is not only popular as the daughter of the famous director Ron Howard, but also for her versatile projects.

From producing and directing some of her films to building her dramatic acting portfolio, it’s clear Howard has made a name for herself over the past decade. Although she is best known for her involvement in The help and the Jurassic world franchise, there are quite a few films that fans of her should check out.

10 Hereafter (2010) – 6.5

Matt Damon and Bryce Dallas Howard stare at each other in Hereafter

Directed by Clint Eastwood, this film tells the story of a psychic and how even he struggles with the idea and ramifications of death. The film highlights that people have different ways of dealing with and processing serious emotions, and how exactly the same people interact with each other tells a story in itself.

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Bryce plays Melanie, a culinary arts student who forms a romantic relationship with Matt Damon’s character, George. Although the film got pretty average IMDb ratings, it’s a good film to watch just to tackle people’s complicated relationship with death.

9 Terminator Salvation (2009) – 6.5

Christian Bale and Bryce look into the distance

Although the terminator The film pales in comparison to the more well-known films in the franchise, but Bale fans and Howard fans alike can band together and enjoy this action-packed film. In the futuristic world of 2018, a new half-man, half-machine hybrid, with John Conner coming to the rescue.

Bryce plays Kate Conner, a paramedic who stays by John’s side to help save the world. It’s clear from movies like this and Jurassic world that Bryce thrives in action drama films.

8th The Village (2004) – 6.6

Bryce looks down worried

This film by M. Night Shyamalan sheds light on several eerie incidents that take place in a small rural village where things are not always as they seem and where they avoid the forest and its creatures. In true Shyamalan fashion, the film is exciting and at times scary, so this type of film was a change for Bryce, even so early in her career.

Howard plays Ivy Walker, a blind girl who lives in the village and wants to find medicine in the forest. Starring alongside professionals such as Joaquin Phoenix, the film remains underrated as far as M. Night Shyamalan films go.

7 Pete’s Dragon (2016) – 6.7

Bryce in the wild looking into the distance

The 2010 fantasy film takes viewers on an adventure with an orphan boy named Pete and his dragon best friend Elliot. The light-hearted film features a good mix of CGI and real scenarios, making for an entertaining viewing experience.

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Much like Jurassic World, Bryce plays the pivotal role of Grace, a ranger with a heart for rescue. This children’s film seems right up Howard’s alley, as it’s obvious she has a knack for wholesome yet adventurous roles like this one.

6 Gold (2016) – 6.7

Bryce looks at the sky in awe

The crime and drama story follows Kenny Wells, played by Matthew McConaughey, who is desperately trying to find gold in Indonesia. Kenny’s life slowly begins to slip away after he realizes he’s invested a total of money and fortunes, causing a downfall even he didn’t expect.

Bryce plays Kenny’s love interest Kay, who is initially smitten with Kenny’s work ethic and dreams until it all falls apart. Both Matthew and Bryce have compelling roles in this film, and their chemistry was unexpected but perfectly matched.

5 Jurassic World (2015) – 6.9

Bryce looks worried during the dinosaur test

One of the best dinosaur movies of all time according to Ranker, this movie started it all. The new saga follows Jurassic Park added a new younger generation to the fan base and breathed a whole new life into the franchise.

Bryce plays Claire Dearing, a supervisor of the Dinosaur Protection Group and the Jurassic World theme park as a whole, and her endless adventures with Owen speak to her character. She won’t give up without a fight as she has a true passion for dinosaur life, just like Owen, played by Chris Pratt.

4 Manderley (2005) – 7.2

Bryce looks at her costar

The Lars von Trier film is set in the 1930s during the heyday of slavery in the city. Although slavery was abolished 70 years ago, the town of Manderlay was far behind the times and Bryce’s character was one of the few citizens who fought to end it.

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Bryce plays Grace Margaret Mulligan, a fighter for what is right while standing up for the downtrodden. The film is quite violent at times and shows a true representation of what were hard times in the past and even some obstacles that still exist today in relation to racism.

3 Rocketman (2019) – 7.3

Bryce's character alongside Elton John in the film

Apart from the rocket Man The film’s stunning wardrobe makes it clear that Bryce had a lot of fun and creative freedom with this character. However, the person she played wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, as her outfits might portray.

Bryce plays Sheila, Elton John’s tough loving mother, who wasn’t exactly the warmest and most supportive person. Howard has played cold and difficult characters in the past, but that role is much broader and even more challenging to become someone she doesn’t resonate with at all.

2 50/50 (2011) – 7.6

Joseph Gordan-Levitt and Bryce with their hands on his shoulders

The film’s title derives from the chance the main character Adam has after receiving his cancer diagnosis. In this dramedy, his friends try to hug him and give him constant encouragement while Adam tries to control his emotions in this gritty life update.

Bryce Dallas Howard plays Rachael in this film, who the audience discovers has a romantic relationship with Adam until she messes everything up. Despite his cancer diagnosis, she was caught cheating on Adam and continues to play the victim, pretending not to know what she did wrong, but it was clear to audiences that she was quite the villain.

1 The Help (2011) – 8.1

Bryce as the villain in The Help, smiling condescendingly

The Oscar-winning film, starring Emma Stone, Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis, explores the meaning of equality in the 1960s. The help sheds light on important racist issues, but Bryce’s character was of no help as she was one of the more racist and blatantly disrespectful characters in the film.

The actress plays Hilly Holbrook, possibly one of her most evil characters yet. Considering that Bryce mainly takes on roles in which she is the protagonist who saves the world from a terrible threat, this role was a change for her and potentially quite challenging as well.

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